Intense Trolling Forces Bhad Bhabie To Take A Break From Social Media.


Social media has made the process of showcasing talent infinitely easy, compared to before. Today, if you have a talent and a will to follow through with it you can open yourself and your talent to a million people just by a click. But as the saying goes nothing in life is perfect. In the same way Social media though filed with an endless amount of possibilities is also filled with an obscene amount of negativity in the form of trollers. Their language is enough to literally pierce through someone’s soul. Till now it has claimed many victims.

One of such victims is Danielle Bregoli, aka BhadBhabie. It is difficult at any age to be subjected to bad behaviour let alone at such a young age of 16 for literally everything that you do. Danielle Bregoli shot to fame by uttering her famous lines “Cash me outside, how about that?”. These lines made her an instant viral sensation and unfortunately also an easy prey for the so called Trollers. She was constantly subjected to racist behaviour especially in the comments section of her Instagram post. Every action of hers was depicted as an attempt to become more “black” accompanies by what she calls “racist white (explosive) every second of the day”. Even if she tried to defend, she found herself in a quicksand sort of situation.

In a now deleted post she details her helplessness and how these comments have negatively affected her life. She wrote in her post“I take a little break from this app because of my mental health,” as a message to her fans. She continued “I hate to say it, but you won! Congratulations, you completed the mission! You completely disappointed the little 16-year-old!” “every reason why I can’t sleep at night”.  Even though her fans and well-wishers will miss hearing from her and getting a peek into her live, most of them are supportive of her step to back off from such a toxic situation which is making her miserable. She has promised all her fans that she will definitely return, stronger and wiser to handle this situation.


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