Remember The Hulk Scene In Infinity War Trailers? That Was Fake!


For all the heroes of the MCU, the Hulk is what they need. When things get pretty rough, the green guy is always ready to smash things up. It is something that the fans wanted to see in the Avengers: Infinity War movie. We expected to see this due to the trailers which showed Hulk in Wakanda. However, this scene did not appear in the movie.

In the trailers, the fans had seen Bruce Banner’s green creature burst on the scene to pummel Thanos and the Black Order, and this gave us hope that the heroes may have a chance at preventing the Mad Titan from getting all the six Infinity Stones. But the only time that the fans saw Hulk was during the opening scene.

While speaking at an event for the Smithsonian, Joe and Anthony Russo explained that Hulk’s appearance in the trailers was a deliberate move to prevent all the fans from figuring out the ending.

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“We have to be careful with the character of Banner,” Joe Russo said. “Because if every time he’s in trouble Hulk saves him, Hulk becomes the hero and he becomes whiny. We wanted to force Banner to be the hero.”

Before the Hulk bursts on the scene, Loki declares, “we have the Hulk” to Thanos. This is a line copied from Marvel’s The Avengers, where Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.) used it on Loki. While Tony’s call for Hulk was very successful, Loki’s was not. Hulk retreats into Banner and does not come back again. Without a Hulk to save him, Banner needs a way to fight and the Hulkbusterarmor was what he used.

Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters now.


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