Indiana Jones Faces Another Delay


There are just some movies that we cannot let go of. For us Indiana Jones will never get old. It is one of those movies that we always come back to no matter what. Just listening to the synopsis people might laugh it off. But in actuality it has so many layers to it like an onion that you are really missing out on some of the best cinematic content if you pass on it.

Fans have been waiting for a fifth movie for what seems like forever. It just feels like the wait never ends. But we do know that solid development began on it the moment Disney brought back the rights of it from Paramount a year after they purchased Lucas film. Since then unexpected but very professional delays have taken place in the making of this movie. the earlier delays were due to script rewrites to produce a great and amazing movie.

After all these delays fans finally felt elated when ford announced that shooting is to begin soon, meaning that the movie will get ready for a 2021 release. But now an unexpected development has come to fore which s both saddening but at the same time exciting.

It is being reported that Steven Spielberg is stepping down as the director of Indiana Jones 5 as he does not feel that he is attached to its spirit. No matter how unfortunate it is, during the release of the 2008 instalment fans thought that Spielberg has outgrown the franchise because of his treatment to the movie. Soit’s not like the concerns that Spielberg has is unfounded.

Another development suggests that none other than Mangold, who has to his credits genre defining movies like Logan and Ford v/s Ferrari to his credit could replace him. The choice of the director is actually mind blowing and perfectly suitable since Mangold does know how to create emotionally wrenching movies out of a franchise and has a pretty good record


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