Iceman Unleashes His Wrath In The Latest Issue


Before Avengers there was mutants. No, literally they were. Mutants have always been an interesting property of Marvel. They really are unique with their powers like seeing through walls or lifting heavy objects. But their origin is as mind boggling. Though we have gotten comics as well as screen adaptations about their origins as well as future. Nothing ever seems to fulfil us as far as X men go. A group of mutants who decide to use their power for good.

Though there are various mutants in Marvel, not all are classified into one category. Ones who are extremely powerful and well-rounded are Omega-level mutants. As X men consists of the most bravest of all mutants, therefore Omega-level mutants should be nothing but another name for X men but there are certain members of  Omega-level mutants that are not in the prestigious group.

House of X #1 gave us an updated list of Omega- level mutants. Though there was no surprise regarding names like Magneto, Jean Grey and Legion, but what startled everyone a little bit was the inclusion of Bobby Drake, aka Iceman. His power mainly controls ice but his Omega power is described as temperature manipulation.

The death of Kate Pryde gave us a glimpse as to why Iceman deserves his position as Omega level mutant.

Bishop finds Kate’s body and connects with Emma who contacts the Marauders to save him from the ship’s crew. The Marauders arrived with Iceman, who was visibly angry and launched his aggression on the ship’s crew. He dropped the temperature inside the ship. This effected the crew’s gears and walls. But it was the sergeant who was effected most devastatingly when he began to tear his clothes as he felt extremely hot. In actuality Iceman was manipulating the molecules of his body causing his temperature to increase. Iceman was showing no mercy until he was reminded of the Krakoan vow that they cannot kill any humans.

But he doesn’t leave without showing all of them to never go against him through frostbite.

This aggression surely was out of character for Iceman as he is usually goofy but his relationship with Kate was intense and he was also romantically involved with her. So his expression was in a certain way justified.


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