Hunt For Vesemir By Netflix Is On


Netflix most probably scored gold with their live action adaptation of The Witcher which is set to become their biggest ever premier yet. But with this show Netflix has officially tapped into the fantasy genre which till the last year was occupied by Game if Thrones. Now those fans in a large number flocked to this series. They quite literally have a franchise in their hands and unlike the GOT creators will expand it as the original show gains momentum and airs its episodes. They took their first step into this direction when they announced a spinoff titled Nightmare of the Wolf, based on Vesemir, Geralt’s mentor . Now fans have started to speculate whether the character will make an appearance in the sophomore season or not. According to sources production has started on the series and well it should if they want to release it the next year or the end of this year.

The series’ main attraction has been Henry Cavill by a huge margin and though the content provided by the series of books was strong, it goes without saying that Cavill’s star power had a lot to do with the success of the series and obviously his performance.

It is but obvious that Netflix will be chasing big actors this time around as well to make Season 2 more grander. Therefore it wasn’t much of a surprise that both Mads Mikkelsen and Michael Keaton were offered the role of Vesemir. But unfortunately both rejected it for various reasons.

But one name which himself has shown interest and has fans backing is none other than Mark Hamill. People have made certain reimaginations of him in the role and well it has gained the stamp if of approval.

So Netflix shake the right tree.


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