Most Grilling Animated Battle Between Hulk And Wolverine That’s A Must Watch (Video)


Wolverine and Hulk have been fighting with each other for a very long time, and both the characters have amazing powers (with a massive fan following as well). Even though Hulk is a far more superior being in the Superpower department in pretty much every aspect when compared to Wolverine, we all know that Wolverine’s never-give-up nature, his almost indestructible sharp adamantium claws and quick healing power always give Hulk a fierce battle.

One of the most infamous battles between Wolverine and Hulk happened during the Ultimate Hulk Vs. Wolverine comic book series that stretched both the contenders to their edges.

Marvel’s whole Ultimate comic book series was way different than their usual canon storyline, the characters were more rugged, and the plots were usually unpredictable, which worked both in favor of and against the Ultimate series in the eyes of the fans.

However, Ultimate Hulk Vs. Wolverine was written beautifully, and we even got to know that Wolverine could still be alive when his head is ripped apart from his body by breathing through his skin.

Marvel had made a two-part animated series that was heavily influenced by the Ultimate Hulk Vs. Wolverine comic book series and it is undoubtedly a delight to watch. We have the clip here that shows Wolverine getting toe to toe with Hulk in an insane breathtaking battle.


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