Hulk Turned Into Hulk-Venom, And A Massive Gamma Venom Was Introduce (Video)


Tom Hardy’s Venom movie is just around the corner, and it is looking pretty good. Especially Venom’s appearance, it is very close to the comic book version which is usually not the case in the live-action movies. The first teaser trailer looked “Meh”, but the second trailer completely blew us off. Venom movie is set to release on 4rth of October, and it will initiate its own Venom cinematic universe which will introduce other Marvel characters as the story moves ahead.

Have you ever imagined what kind of Havoc would be caused if Hulk was to combine with the Venom Symbiote? Hulk is already an over-powered character, and when combined with Venom, he can become unbeatable.

This particular thought was created into an episode of “Hulk and the agents S.M.A.S.H” Animated TV show, which showed Symbiote combining with Hulk. However, the show didn’t stop over there; they took it to the whole new level by introducing another stronger entity known as Gamma Venom.

The Gamma Venom was the combination of multiple Gamma Ray radiation affected beings merged with the Symbiote. This specific episode also had Spider-man in it, that made it even more interesting. It is probably one of the best episodes delivered by this series because of the content on Hulk S.M.A.S.H was way too weak.

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Here’s the video that we have been blabbering about in the last two paras, and we are sure you are going to love watching this.


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