Hulk Eats Captain America And Others In A Grisly Future Of Marvel Comic Universe


No doubt, this was a sheer heart-breaking scene in the Thanos comic book. Based a long time down in the future where Thanos defeated the Avengers and ruled the earth, he became King Thanos, the ruler of the whole universe. His team included himself, the Ghost Rider (formerly Punisher), the Thor (formerly Silver Surfer), and Bruce Banner.

Those fans who haven’t read this series might find it a bit difficult to figure out the story because it seems to be so insane.

When Thanos made a time leap to the end of the Marvel Universe, the situation had a clear tone, and to see a Thanos team-up was quite a fantastic twist, but, the fans were definitely not expecting the Frank Castle version of Ghost Rider.  After Frank took Thanos to feed the “dog” of the King, the narrative went absolutely crazy.


In an entirely different story, fans might see an old and greyed Hulk, surviving in a pit with the bones of what had been his food. To see Ghost Rider revealing how Steve Rogers became a meal made it all the more weird.

The thing is, nothing is ruled out, and it is doing a double take on the nightmare that the Marvel Universe has become courtesy of Thanos.

No doubt, it is a bad thing to come up with the story almost exactly when Marvel made it clear that Hulk is immortal and couldn’t be killed by Thanos, but, also he is forever enslaved by the tyrant.

We just can’t come to terms that this was the last we saw of the Hulk in this story.


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