What If Hulk And Superman Got Into A Brawl? Who Would Win And How?


If there is ever going to be a battle between the mightiest heroes from the rival camps of DC and Marvel, then it will always be the battle between The Hulk and Superman. This battle will cause astonishing collateral damage as they are both smashers by nature and it will also be a really long battle because there is no limit to the physical strength and endurance of these two heroes.

To predict the winner of this battle has so far remained a mystery, and fans have fantasized watching this battle on the big screen. Let’s evaluate if this destructive battle ever took place, then which one of the two heroes would come out on top and get ranked as the mightiest superhero ever.

The Incredible Hulk

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Hulk is a monster who can’t be controlled by anyone, in fact, not even Hulk himself. Once he gets into the smashing mode, nobody escapes unharmed. There is not much doubt that the Hulk is the strongest Avenger and there would be nobody who would willingly jump into a battle against the furious green stomper. If you happen to be somebody marooned on an island since WWII, then let’s give you a little info about who Hulk is. Doctor Bruce Banner is a genius scientist and once he accidentally endured a Gamma radiation during the testing of an experimental bomb.

Once Bruce Banner morphs into the Hulk, he becomes incredibly powerful and has no control over his actions. He experiences severe emotional distress, whether by choice or forcibly, and that generally results in him going on violent and destructive streaks. This makes things difficult for Banner to live a normal civilian life. His strength is always in proportion to the anger he feels. If you attack him, then it would make him angrier and in turn more powerful. He has superhuman strength and endurance. He is capable of sprinting really fast despite being so huge and bulky, and he can hop over buildings.

Man of Steel

Kal-El happens to be the last survivor from the destroyed planet of Krypton. The son of Jor-El landed on earth as an infant after his planet’s destruction. He grew up on a farm in rural Kansas as Clark Kent, the son of Jonathan and Martha Kent. Clark Kent grew up to become an excellent news reporter, but, whenever he comes across a distressed soul, he hops in to play the savior.

While Clark grew up, he also figured out his powers and realized the kind of things that he could do for Earth’s inhabitants with those powers. He has super strength, super speed, flexibility, agility, heat vision, freeze breath, X-ray vision and he can fly faster than bullets shot at him. However, he is not devoid of weaknesses and is vulnerable against the Kryptonite which negatively impacts his Kryptonian cells and is capable of killing him. He is also not strong against magical attacks. However, as long as Kryptonite doesn’t enter a scene of battle, Superman remains the most powerful fighter and is nearly invincible.

If he goes full throttle, then there might not be a soul that Superman can’t beat. He often lets others prevail because he never goes full-on, but, if he does, then you can’t beat him. In such a scenario the only hope that an opponent can hope is that he stays in control of his mind because if he goes berserk then whoever stands opposite him will meet the fate that fell upon Zod.

The Hulk vs. Superman: The battle of destruction

Both Hulk and Superman are quite identical as far as the way they treat their opponents is concerned. If they ever got into a street brawl, this would be probably the most destructive battle ever witnessed.

The thing about both is that they quickly adjust to their enemy and hit back harder.

The Hulk can really torment Superman because the harder the Man of Steel would hit, the mightier the Hulk would become. The battle might keep raging forever as they are capable of becoming nearly godlike. However, the powers at Superman’s disposal are more varied than the Hulk because he also has enhanced healing if he gets the radiation from the sun and his heat vision can also cause trouble for the Incredible Hulk. Superman might just zoom into the space with Hulk, and up there Hulk might not have much control left due to the absence of gravity whereas Superman can control his flight and other powers. Also in his Hulk mode, the green monster might not be smart enough to locate Kryptonite, and that’s the only thing that can beat the Superman.

Therefore, as far as we see it, this battle can end only with Superman as the victor.


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