33 Hugh Jackman On-Set Images Which Will Amaze Every Wolverine Fan


Hugh Michael Jackman is a renowned Australian actor, singer, and film producer. He is extremely talented and has an awe-inspiring range of characters to speak of. He played the charming guy in the 2001 rom-com film Kate & Leopold, was a part of the horror-action movie Van Helsing, magic-drama film The Prestige (2006), fantasy drama The Fountain (2006), the epic romantic movie Australia (2008), thriller movie Prisoners (2013), the musical movie The Greatest Showman (2017), and Les Miserables in 2012. Les Miserables earned him an Oscar nomination and the first Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.

Despite all these stunning performances, Hugh Jackman’s definitive work has been as Wolverine. He has played the role almost across his career, and is fondly remembered for his impeccably done performances as the X-Men franchise’s mutant with adamantium claws and also in his standalone Wolverine trilogy. While he played the role for the last time in last year’s Logan, which again earned him an Oscar nomination, it is difficult to imagine any other actor apart from him play the character, now that he is not going to reprise it. Here we present to you a collection of fantastic Hugh Jackman on-set photos which will make you binge watch his films again.

Taking Pictures!


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Here Comes The Wolverine!


Movie Logan!


With Stunt Double!






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Don McAlpine and Hugh Jackman


Setting Up!


Hiroyuki Sanada and Hugh Jackman






Gangnam Style!


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Ripped off!





Kate And Leopold


Les Misérables Scene!

Hell Yeah!


Lop It Off!


That Scene!


Real Steel Scene!




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Shawn Levy and Hugh Jackman


Yeah, The Walk!


Rain Scene!


The Direction!


Hugh Jackman On-Set Photos!


Those Claws!



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