Review Of Deadpool 2 By Hugh Jackman Is Insanely Hilarious (Video)


Gritting his teeth, the Australian actor called the R-rated Deadpool 2 to be superb.

“Okay, alright, I’m gonna say this once and then delete it really quickly,” Jackman can be seen stating in a video posted on his Twitter account. “Deadpool 2 is a work of genius; it is epic, it is…”

He then shakes his head and ends the video by saying “Damn it. I can’t believe I said that.”

The complete video posted by Jackman is shared below!

As the fans of X-Men movies would know, Jackman and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds have a friendly banter going on regarding the characters they play in the franchise. Wolverine is the mighty and serious one, whereas Deadpool is the loud Merc with a Mouth. After Jackman hung up his boots as Wolverine last year after Logan, Reynolds has repeatedly been resorting to social media to make him play Wolverine once more, but, in a Deadpool titled movie.

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Jackman is adamant that he won’t do that, but, their chatter gives great fun moments to the fans.

They did appear in an X-Men movie together, the highly criticized 2009 movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. That was the first time that Reynolds played Wade Wilson, but, that character was nothing like the Deadpool that fans wanted to see. The movie’s failure only fuelled Reynolds’ interest in the character, and he eventually got a proper Deadpool film.

Jackman’s flattering review of Deadpool 2 seems to be in accordance with the various other critics who saw the film this week. Almost all who have seen the movie are praising the humor and extreme antics of the hero.

Deadpool 2 is scheduled to arrive in theaters on coming Friday, May 18.


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