Huge Speculations Surrounding The Release Of Chapter 968 Of The Popular Manga One Piece


One piece one of the most popular mangas will soon release chapter 968. This chapter was supposed to be released before the holidays but due to certain unavoidable circumstances will now see the light of the day on January 20 according to Otakukart. The readers are very much excited about this chapter as according to the spoilers it is going to be filled with revelations.

The manga One Piece follows the adventures of Monkey. D. Luffy a pirate in search of the treasure ‘one piece’. But this chapter will focus on Oden’s backstory and how his travels with Roger Pirate went. Some reddit users also speculate that this chapter will shed some light on what happened to the Straw hat Pirates after they suddenly disappeared. This would mean that the story will return to the resent timeline when Luffy and all the other pirates suddenly disappeared. Even though Oden is beloved the readers really adore Luffy and hence are pretty excited to find the reason behind his disappearance.

Oden’s journey in the new shipwill also be a major plot point in this chapter. He had to leave Toki to embark on his journey to Wano with Roger. We will also know why when Roger and his crew disbands he seems to know everything.

Oden’s return to Wano will also not be happy and peaceful as Orochi will prove to be a huge obstacle. Orochi does not want Oden to become Shogun as he wants the position for himself.

Oden has a difficult road ahead of him as he has to fight and face both Orochi as well as his supporter Kaidou. But as we know they will fail.  It was mentioned that Oden would also open Wano’s borders and why he did so will be shown in “One Piece” chapter 968.


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