10 Amazingly Hot Pictures Of Zazie Beetz a.k.a Domino From Deadpool 2 Along With Interesting Facts About Her


Zazie Beetz, the actress was cast to play the role of the mutant, Domino in Deadpool and Deadpool 2. If you are someone who has not seen FX’s Atlanta, then there is a whole lot you will need to know about her. Ryan Reynolds, the Deadpool actor had given the entire fanbase a sneak peek at Deadpool 2’s latest cast member last year. The actor had shared a wonderful image of Zazie Beetz. In the image, we see her wearing a skin-tight ensemble and she lying on top of the Merc with a Mouth. Ryan had captioned this, “Some people just know how to work a red carpet.”

This shows that he is in support of the casting choice.

  1. The most obvious fact about Zazie is that she will bring the character Domino, to life. She seems like the perfect actress to grace the big screen as this mutant character.


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  1. She is in a relationship with David Rysdahl and they are just adorable and have been dating for a year or so. They had recently taken a trip to China and also came to the red carpet arm-in-arm for the premiere of David’s movie, The Revival.

  1. Zazie is an outspoken activist and her Instagram will show you that she is a very fierce feminist and also a social activist. Zazie is not afraid to voice her opinions and let the world know what she thinks.

  1. Zazie is a very family oriented person and although she is far away from her family, she proved that distance makes the heart grow fonder. She often video calls her grandparents and even shares photos of this call on Instagram.

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  1. Zazie has a very unique sense of fashion and this surely does set her apart from all the other stars. Zazie makes column dresses and ball gowns look chic and elegant and she also pairs her clothes with exotic jewelry and accessories.

  1. If she seems familiar it is because she is a popular face on FX show, Atlanta. The actress plays the role of Van, a young mother. The show had won the Golden Globe for Best Television Series – Movie or Comedy in 2016.

  1. Zazie’s parents raised her to speak English and German and these languages were common in her house. Zazie had also decided to complete her bachelor’s in French from the Skidmore College. The actress’ German-American citizenship and her appreciation and love for cultures surely does make her a very valuable tool for any director.

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  1. The character, Domino is a marksman and this is an area where the actress has no training and to prepare for this role, Zazie had trained in the gym and the shooting range for four in a day. She had spoken to Vanity Fair and said, “I don’t know how people say exercising is addictive. When I was done, I was done.”

  1. Zazie is a young immigrant and was born in Germany. Her family had moved to the United States and she grew up in lower Manhattan. This is when she had discovered her passion for performing and acting. She then got trained in the Harlem School of the Arts and LaGuardia Arts High school.

  1. She has starred in many short films as well. In fact, she kick-started her acting career with a few short films. These include The Crocotta, Beasts, 5th & Palisade, James White, Double Bind, and MBFF: Man’s Best Friend Forever.


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