Joe Johnston To Return For The Reboot Of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids


A long line of popular properties seem to be getting reboots and now, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids is next in line. Disney has been developing a reboot of the popular 80s movies, and a report from Variety says that Disney is now in talks with the original movie’s director Joe Johnston to helm the reboot. They are now in talks with Josh Gad to appear in the movie.

The original Honey, I Shrunk the Kids starred Rick Moranis as the character, Wayne Szalinski, who is a scientist and also a father to a son and daughter and he had accidentally shrunk them to minuscule size. These children then have an adventure in their backyard and meet the smallest insects that seem huge to them.

Gad would play the role of Wayne Szalinski’s grown-up son, who has been inspired by his father and becomes a scientist. He also follows in his father and shrinks his children, and this starts a whole new adventure.

This report says that the studio had seen this as a Disney+ feature, and after reading the script by Todd Rosenberg, they now want this to have a theatrical release. Disney had eyed many directors for this initially but had then settled on Johnston.

While this project is now being developed at Disney, many sources have said that it is a pretty early stage and has not been greenlit by the studio.


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