100+ Hitler Jokes That Are So Amazing

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Want to know more about another genre of jokes? Well here it is! Hitler Jokes also called Black Humour have the potential to make us laugh or think in various dimensions! Not alone that, they also offer great comic relief at times of need!

If your quest is centered upon jokes that can make you realize facts and truth with a twist, Hitler Jokes is what you should need! Presenting 100+ Hitler Jokes That Are So Amazing to read for great comical relief and joy!

Here we go on this collection!

Hitler and Goring are remaining over the Berlin radio pinnacle. Hitler says he needs to plan something for put a grin on the Berliners’ countenances. Goring says, “Why not bounce?”

At the point when a lady made this wisecrack in Germany in 1943, she was captured by the Nazis and condemned to death by guillotine. It didn’t make a difference that her better half was a decent German trooper who kicked the bucket in fight.

In this noteworthy work of history, Rudolph Herzog takes up such stories to indicate how across the board amusingness was during the Third Reich. It’s an intriguing and alarming history: from the concealment of the counter Nazi supper club scene of the 1930s, to jokes made to the detriment of the Nazis during WWII, to the accumulations of “murmured jokes” that were distributed in the quick outcome of the war.

Herzog contends that Hitler jokes gives now a missing part of WWII history. The jokes demonstrate that not all Germans were spellbound by Nazi promulgation, and, in taking on subjects like Nazi death camps, they record an open intensely mindful of the revulsions of the system. Therefore we could say Hitler Jokes or Dead Funny is a story of horrendous quietness and weakness, yet in addition of incidental and moving fortitude.

So, now you know why we say Hitler Jokes are so amazing! If you come across any situation that warrants you with a great reading opportunity, just read these Hitler Jokes and see the uniqueness in it!

Q: Why did Hitler murder himself?
A: He couldn’t pay the Gas Bill.

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Q: Who is the most well known Jewish cook?
A: Hitler.

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Did you hear about the queer German?
Ate Off Hitler!

funny hitler jokes

Q: What did Hitler and Terry Fox have in common?
A: Neither could finish a race.

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Q: What is hitler’s most loved planet?
A: Jew-piter.

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Q: What’s the difference between a cow and the holocaust?
A: You can just milk a cow for around 12 years.

Q: Why does Hitler hate golf?
A: Because he always finishes up in the bunker.

Q: How did German men pick up Jewish women in the 1940s?
A: With a dustpan and brush.

Q: Why did the gypsies also end up at the camps?
A: Because they stole the jews’ train tickets.

Q: Whats’s the difference between 90s Sarajevo and Auschwitz?
A: At least in Auschwitz they’ve got gas.

What sweet did Hitler hate more than any other? Jew Jew Beans……But I heard he enjoyed them roasted!

Have you heard about Hitler’s new microwave oven? It seats 500!

What was Adolf’s favourite song? “If I knew you were coming I’d have baked a kike!”

Q: What do you call a pissed off German?
A: Sauerkraut.

Q: What do you call a Blind German?
A: a Not see

Q: Why do they bury Germans 20 meters underground?
A: Because deep down they are really nice.

Q: How do Germans tie their shoes?
A: With little knotsies

Q: What did the German kid say when he pushed his brother off a cliff?
A: “Look, mother, no Hans!”

Q: What’s the difference between a German and a shopping trolley?
A: A shopping trolley has a mind of its own.

Q: Why do German futbol players do so well in math?
A: They know how to use their heads.

Q: Why are there so many tree lined streets and leafy lanes in France?
A: Germans like to march in the shade.

Q: How did the Germans conquer Poland so fast?
A: They marched in backwards and the Polish thought they were leaving.

Q: Heard about the new German-Chinese restaurant?
A: The food is great, but an hour later, you’re hungry for power.

Q: How does every German joke start?
A: By looking over your shoulder.

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Q: What tea do German futbol players drink?
A. PenalTea!

Q: What’s the difference between German striker Miroslav Klose and a puppy?
A: A puppy will eventually stop whining.

Q: Have you heard about the new German microwave ?
A: It’s got ten seats inside.

Q: If your American in the living room what are you in the bathroom?
A: European

Q: What do you call an German in the World Cup final?
A: A Referee.

Q: Which is the most biggest rope?
A: Europe

Q: Why did the Germans start two world wars?
A: It was the only way they could get visitors.

Q: Why don’t Jewish cannibals like eating Germans?
A: They give them gas.

Q: What do you get when you cross a Mexican and a German?
A: A Beaner-Schnitzel

Q: Why don’t Puerto Ricans have checkbooks?
A: Because it’s impossible to sign your name that small with spray paint.

Q: What is the difference between christianity and national socialism?
A: In christianity, one guy died for all the others.

Q: How do you get rid of aristocratic Germans?
A: Von by von.

Q: What’s the difference between German socialism and an orgasm?
A: With German socialism, you moan for a helluva lot longer.

Q: What’s the difference between a German and his girlfriend?
A: His girlfriend has a higher sperm count.

Q: What did the German clock maker say to the clock that only went “tick tick tick”?
A: Vee haf vays to make you tock

Q: How does the recipe for German chocolate cake begin?
A: First, invade ze kitchen.

A man walks past girl with no arms or legs sitting by a pool. The girl says to the man, “Excuse me sir, I’ve never been fucked and in my condition no one would want to fuck me. Will you please fuck me?” So the man kicks her into the pool and says, “There, you’re fucked.”

A guy called into work and says, “Hey, boss! What’s the difference between work and your daughter?” … “I’m not coming into work this morning!”

What’s so good about an Ethiopian blow job? You just KNOW she’ll swallow.

I lost my virginity to a retarded girl last night… I wanted my first time to be special.

What does it taste like when you go down on an old lady? Depends…

What’s the difference between a priest and acne? Acne waits until puberty to come on a kid’s face.

What do you get if you cross an elephant with a poodle? A dead poodle with an 18 inch wide asshole.

Why does it take longer for a woman to orgasm than a man? Who cares?

What’s the difference between a black guy and a pizza? A pizza can feed a family of four.

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What do you call four klansman pushing a pickup truck? White power.

Why did the semen cross the road? I wore the wrong socks today.

What is the difference between Michael Jackson and a grocery bag? One is made of plastic and is dangerous for children to play with. The other is used to carry groceries.

What’s the difference between St. Patrick’s Day and Martin Luther King Day? On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone wants to be Irish.

What’s the first thing a redneck says after losing her virginity? Get off of me Dad, you’re crushing my cigarettes.

What do rednecks and KFC have in common? They do chicken right.

In Kentucky, what do divorces and tornados have in common?
Either way, someone is going to lose a trailer.

Why do the Scottish wear kilts? Because a sheep can hear a zipper from like a mile away.

What does a Cuban do when he gets a flat tire? Drowns

Why doesn’t Mexico enter the Olympics? Because all their best runners, jumpers and swimmers are in America.

How did the Grand Canyon get there? Two Jews dropped a quarter down a gopher hole.

How do you kill a redneck? Wait ’till he fucks his sister then cut the brakes on his house.

How do you kill 100 Ethiopians? Throw a Biscuit off a cliff.

What do you do when you see someone having a seizure in a bathtub? Throw in a load of dirty laundry.

What did the pedophile say when he was released from prison? “I feel like a kid again.”

What do you get when cross an Italian with a gorilla? A retarded gorilla.

Why could Jesus walk on water? Shit Floats.

How do you kill 100 Mexicans? Blow up their van.

What do you call five Mexicans on the bottom of a pool? Cinco

What do you call an Ethiopian on a hunger strike? Ethiopian

What’s the difference between a blonde and a washing machine? They both drip when they’re fucked.

What did the little black boy say when he got diarrhea? I’m melting!

What do you call a fat Chinese person? A chunk.

What do you do when your woman’s watch breaks? Nothing there’s a clock on the stove.

Q: How many people fron Dresden can you fit in a Mini Cooper?
A: About 25000 if you’ve got a shovel.

Q: Whats the difference between a smart German and a unicorn?
A: Nothing, they’re both fictional characters

Q: What’s a german’s favorite number?
A: Nein!

Q: Did you hear about the winner of the German beauty contest?
A: Me neither.

Q: Why wasn’t Jesus born in Germany?
A: He couldn’t find 3 wise men or a virgin.

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Q: Where do germs go on vacation?
A: To Germany.

What was good about the million man march? Only three people missed work.

What’s the difference between a joke and two dicks? You can’t take a joke.

What’s black and screams? Stevie Wonder answering the iron.

How many cops does it take to push a black man down the stairs? None… he fell.

What did Adolf Hitler get his neice for her birthday? An easy bake oven.

What’s the difference between Hitler and Michael Phelps? Phelps can finish a race.

God gave women yeast infections so that they would know what it was like living with an irritating cunt for once.

What’s worse than sucking a dozen raw oysters out of your grandmother’s pussy? Sucking out thirteen of them and realizing you only put in a dozen.

What does a baby look like after a minute in the microwave? I don’t know, I close my eyes when I masturbate.

A baby seal walked into a club…

I was raping a woman the other night and she cried, “Please, think of my children!” Kinky bitch.

Pedophiles are fucking immature assholes.

Have you heard the joke about the baby with AIDS? It never gets old.

I ran into Hitler. I was surprised to see him and asked him what he was up to?
He said “This time I am going to kill 6 million Jews and two clowns!” “Two Clowns? Why are you going to kill two clowns?” “See? Nobody cares about zee Jews.”

I would tell a Casey Anthony joke, but my mom would kill me…

What’s the difference between a Catholic priest and acne? Acne doesn’t come on a boys face until he’s 13.

So I was balls deep in this guy thrusting as hard as I could when I reached around to give him a hand job. Guess what? That fucker had an erection. What. Queer.

The worst part about being a pedophile is trying to fit in.

What do you call a white guy surrounded by eleven black guys? Football coach.

What do you call a white guy surrounded by hundreds of black guys? Warden.

What do you call a white woman with a yeast infection? Cracker with cheese.

What does a tampon and a white woman have in common? They’re both stuck up cunts.

What kind of file do you need to turn a 15mm hole into a 40mm hole? A pedophile.

What’s a pedophile’s favorite part of a hockey game? Before the First Period.


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