100+ Henry Jones, Sr. Quotes From Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Movie


These Henry Jones, Sr. quotes are from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade movie. There are so many Henry Jones, Sr.  quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these Henry Jones, Sr.  quotes exists just do that.

Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Senior was a teacher of medieval writing, master on Grail legend, the dad of paleontologist Indiana Jones, and the spouse of Anna Mary Jones. Jones had a troublesome association with his child.

The two floated further separated yet when the Joneses were brought together during their quest for the Holy Grail years after the fact, close passing encounters for the them two fixed their antagonism and fortified the association among dad and child.

Throughout the years following the Grail campaign, Henry Sr. occasionally went with Indiana on different undertakings which incorporated a quest for the Spear of Longinus towards the end of World War II, and he later filled in for the more youthful Jones as teacher at Barnett College in 1947. He trusted his child would in the long run settle down however passed away in 1951.

Henry Walton Jones was born in Scotland on December 12 1872. Jack Williams was a cherished companion, and when he was five years of age Jones would go swimming in the loch. He proceeded to be taught under the tutelage of Helen Margaret Seymour at Oxford University, where he created companionships with Marcus Brody, Richard Medlicot and Eric Scythe.

Notwithstanding Oxford teacher, Professor Nigel Wolcott was likewise one of his mentors. Henry moved on from college in 1893, and his association with an American lady named Anna prompted marriage in 1898. Henry Jones experienced musophobia and was likewise frightened of statures.

After his better half’s demise, he secretly conceded in his journal that he dreaded he was unfit to bring up a child alone. As an educator, Indiana Jones characterized his dad as “the one the understudies trust they don’t get”, nicknaming him “Attila the Professor”.

Jones was the writer of a few books in the field of medieval history. The achievement of two of his books enabled him to go on a world visit (1908-1910), offering talks to his kindred antiquarians. In spite of his insight, in any case, he conceded that North American prehistoric studies wasn’t his field of ability, explanation behind which he turned down addressing Boy Scouts. He additionally had a meeting distributed in The Byzantine Crusader and composed an article for Princeton Review.

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“Junior, give me your other hand! I can’t hold on!”

Henry Jones, Sr best quotes

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“More or less. Son, I’m sorry. They got us.”

Henry Jones, Sr famous quotes “My son, we’re pilgrims in an unholy land.”

Henry Jones, Sr popular quotes

“Those people are trying to kill us!”

Henry Jones, Sr quotes “Well, I’m as human as the next man.”

Henry Jones, Sr saying

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“That’s his name.”

“Henry Jones…”

“We named the *dog* Indiana.”

“[through his teeth] It tells me, that goose-stepping morons like yourself should try *reading* books instead of *burning* them!”

“Marcus? You didn’t drag poor Marcus along did you? He’s not up to the challenge.”

“She talks in her sleep.”

“But you said he had a two day head start. That he would blend in, disappear.”

“I suddenly remembered my Charlemagne. Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky…”

“The Word of God.”

“The Name of God.”

“But in the Latin alphabet, “Jehovah” begins with an “I”.”

“Oh… ships that pass in the night.”

“This is a new experience for me.”

“[accidentally shoots their own plane with the machine gun] ”

“I didn’t know you could fly a plane.”

“Our situation has not improved.”


“Indiana… let it go.”

“Elsa never really believed in the grail. She thought she’d found a prize.”

“Me? Illumination.”

“But she’s one of them.”

“She’s a Nazi.”

“Trust me.”

“Oh yeah? Go ahead.”

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“Don’t worry. He won’t.”

“And don’t listen to her.”

“Why thank you. It was rather wonderful.”


“Genius of the res-to-ration.”

“It’s a rescue. Come on.”


“I’m sorry about your head though. But I thought that you were one of them.”

“Ha, good point.”

“I thought I’d lost you boy.”

“[moves back and attempts to compose himself] Well… well done. Come on.”

“[looks back and frowns] Why are you sitting there resting when we’re so near the end?”

“You dolt! You think my son would be that stupid? That he would bring my diary all the way back here?”

“You didn’t, did you?”

“You didn’t bring it, did you?”

“You *did*!”

“I should have mailed it to the Marx Brothers!”

“Take it easy? Why do you think I sent it home in the first place? So it wouldn’t fall into their hands!”

“Oh, yeah? And who’s gonna come to save you, JUNIOR?”

“Look what you did! I can’t believe what you did!”

“I was a wonderful father.”

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“Did I ever tell you to eat up, go to bed, wash your ears, or do your homework? No. I respected your privacy, and I taught you self-reliance.”

“You left just as you were becoming interesting.”

“Okay, I’m here now. So what do you want to talk about?”

“Then what are you complaining about? We have work to do. Now then, he who finds the Grail must face 3 challenges. First, is the Path of God: Only the penitent man shall pass. Second, is the Word of God: Only in the footsteps of God, shall he proceed. Third, is the Breath of God: Only in a leap from the lion’s head, shall he prove his worth.”

“[Examining the broken vase] Late 14th Ming Dynasty. Oh it breaks the heart.”

“I’ll never forgive myself.”

“Thank God… it’s fake. See you can tell with the cross sections.”

“And in this sort of race, there’s no silver medal for finishing second.”

“What about the boat? We’re not going on the boat?”

“I find, that if I just sit down to think…”

“[resetting chair legs] The solution presents itself!”

“Got lost in his own museum, eh?”

“After you, Junior.”

“[looking at his watch] What happens at 11 o’clock?”

“What are you doing? Get down.”

“[after Indy saves him from a German tank] You call this archaeology?”

“You say this has been just another typical day for you, huh?”

“I misjudged you, Walter. I knew you would sell your mother for an Etruscan vase. But I didn’t know you would sell out your country and your soul… to the slime of humanity.”

“It IS you, Junior!”


“[looking out from behind his newspaper] When we are airborne, with Germany behind us, *then* I will share that sentiment!”

“I thought that Marcus had a two day head start, and would vanish, disappear.”

“What will I find?”

“[Reaches into Indy’s left jacket pocket] Feels like a cigarette lighter.”

“Son, there’s something I have to tell you.”

“The floor is in fire, and the chair.”


“It *is* you, Junior.”

“[after hearing that Indy read the tablet] If only I could have been there with you.”

“[Startled] Rats?”

“This is intolerable!”

“[after escaping from the Nazis, and coming onto a road sign] Stop, wait, stop! Stop! You’re going the wrong way. We have to get to Berlin.”

“My diary’s in Berlin.”

“There is more in the diary than *just the map*.”

“Well, he who finds the Grail must face the final challenge.”

“Three devices of such lethal cunning.”

“Oh, yes. But I found the clues that will safely take us through them in the Chronicles of St. Anselm.”

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“I wrote them down in my diary so that I wouldn’t *have* to remember.”

“Yes! The only thing that matters is the Grail.”

“Marcus would agree with me!”

“[slaps Indy, angrily] That was for blasphemy! The quest for the Grail is not archaeology; it’s a race against evil! If it is captured by the Nazis, the armies of darkness will march all over the face of the Earth! Do you understand me?”

“[clearly hurt] Oh, yes she did. Just all too well. But, she kept her illness from me. All I could do was mourn her.”

“Nice landing.”

“[to Indy] Well, I didn’t trust her. Why did you?”


“It can wait. Count to twenty.”


“In Greek.”

“[as Kazim and the Brotherhood engage Donovan and the Nazis] Now, who are all these people?”


“She talks in her sleep.”

“[Indy nods at his father, then the statement catches up with him. He looks at his father in surprise] I didn’t trust her, why did you?”


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