24 He-Man Memes Which Will Make Even Skeletor ROFL


He-Man is a name that simply wraps us around in incredible memories of childhood nostalgia.

Those who grew up in the 80s can never forget the iconic He-Man and the Masters of the Universe show. As we can see courtesy the success of repeat runs of Friends, Cheers, Frasier and various other shows, TV shows never become out of fashion.

Although the Masters of the Universe doesn’t exist on even the most unknown TV channels today, but, its cult following is intact. Just like all other ever-lasting characters, He-Man has made an imprint on our collective consciousness. There is no way you can forget those tiny furry speedos.

Masters of The Universe is a franchise which you will get exposure to, even if without your realizing it. You don’t need to read a comic book or watch an episode to find out about the power of Greyskull or the bony enemy of the hero: Skeletor.

Fans of the franchise will know evena better. They are aware of the alter-ego of our hero Prince Adam and his lousy pet tiger Cringer (who morphs into the formidable Battle Cat, of course BY THE POWER OF THE GREYSKULL).

No matter whether you know a lot or naught about He-Man’s adventures, you will love this. This is a compilation of the best and the funniest He-Man memes online. Enjoy!

24. When You Reveal The True Depths Of Your D-Baggery

23. When He-Man Is The World’s Foremost Tea-Making Expert

22. When You Become Alolan Dugtrio Out Of Nowhere

21. When You Just Want To Educate People, And They Snark At You For It

20. When We Learn A Crucial Lesson In Context

19. When Nikki Minaj Steals Your Look

18. When You’ve Been Roasted So Much, You’ve Become Immune

17. When You Go Full Brokeback Mountain On He-Man

16. When You Drop The Shawn Mendes

15. When The Dramatic Plot Twist Hits You Like A Speeding SUV

14. When Sassy Skeletor Is The Best Skeletor

13. When He-Man Met Christian Grey

12. When Skeletor Totally Foils Your Inspiring Message

11. When Katy Perry Shamelessly Steals Your Bit

10. When You’d Have Gotten Away With It, If It Wasn’t For That Meddling He-Man

9. When He-Man Finally Faces The Truth

8. When Eevee Transforms By The Power Of Duskull

7. When It’s 2018 And Your Employer Is Still Anti-Skeletor

6. When Skeletor Really Isn’t In The Mood To Play Games

5. When You’re Just Trying To Be A Good Guy

4. When Your Tan Lines Are Just The Worst

3. When The Power Of Greyskull And Chill Was Only Going To End One Way

2. When They Haven’t Darn Well Seen Anything Yet

1. When Skeletor Drops The Life-Affirming Wisdom On Us


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