Harrison Ford Reveals The Status Behind Indiana Jones


We love us some Harrison Ford. Not only we, everyone loves him. As he has literally two multi million dollars franchise on his shoulders. He has two of the most iconic roles in his kitty and you know what makes him even more adorable, it is that he has no qualms in reprising them. He did it for Han Solo and will do it for Indiana Jones.

Disney and Lucasfilms have already said multiple times from 2016 about their desire to take a go at this franchise. Now the man himself in an interview revealed that the cameras will be rolling soon and we will see him again in that role.

He said in the interview that the prospect of returning always delights and elates him because of his customers, yes customers and not fans. Though it gets difficult for him to do the same thigs he did in his hay days. But he continues it for the love that gets showered on him. It also fuels his desire to give a better product at the end of the day. Since he has a sense of responsibility to his customers. He considers projects as his business and fans as people who whole heartedly support it.

The script will be written by the brilliant David Koepp. Both Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford will return to this epic tale but unfortunately Shia LaBeouf who played Mutt Williams, Indiana Jones’ son in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, will reportedly not be returning.

The franchise has till now had movies like  Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, The Last Crusade, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Indiana Jones 5 was supposed to release on May 2020 but was pushed back by Disney to July 10, 2021. The shooting will probably take place in London.


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