Harley Quinn Goes Back To Her Classic Style


Suicide Squad has had a bumpy road, to be honest. From being one of the most anticipated movie of the year to becoming a big disappointment critically though financially very successful. Ita financial success gave it a sequel but there are a lot of critics and fans it has to prove, wrong and really stand on its own.

DC is also taking the process very seriously. Beginning with the risky hiring of James Gunn who was fired from Marvel which at the end was received very positively so much so that Marvel re hired Gunn for the third part of their Guardians of the Galaxy. The fact that Gunn is hired for the movie is huge because he has a lot of expertise when it comes to selling relatively unknown superhero characters to the audience. Don’t even tell me that you knew Nebula before the movie reiteration. His vision worked for that movie and in all probability should work for this too, because even after being a critical disaster fans flocked towards it. And trust me it is hard Birds of Prey even after having one of the best DC movie critical rating is struggling with it. So you can only go up from there right.

After his announcement Gunn said that his inspiration for the team would come from the classic comics. Which was not the approach the previous movie took. And seems like Gunn did do that as leaked photos from sets show Harley Quinn in her iconic hairdo which had dyed black and red hair.

To be honest this route seems to be fantastic as one of the most lauded scenes of the previous movie was when Quinn sported that look with Joker.

Quinn’s story will continue from the Birds of Prey from where she comes here after fighting Black Mask and breaking up with Mr. J.


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