Harley Quinn Casts Sanna Lathan As Catwoman


Though I loved Birds Of Prey and for the life of me could not understand, how it did not break all the records. But I just cannot justify on the basis of comic content, why this team up was chosen over Gotham City Sirens. It was reported that the whole reason David Ayer stepped down as a director of The Suicide Squad sequel was to develop this project, Gotham City Sirens.

If you know about the background these comic books provide, you will be aware of the fact that Harley Quinn is actually a part of Gotham City Sirens and not Birds Of Prey, they introduced Quinn into it after the film adaptation was planned.

If you go ahead and say that the characters were better. Don’t. Don’t even. Each character is unique and a different interpretation of a badass female. But seems like we are going to get this team up in some other form, in the widely successful animated series by DC Universe, Harley Quinn.

The first season was raunchy and violent and dare I say empowering in every way possible after starting the series off with breaking up from Joker and ending it by possibly killing him. She saved her best friend Poison Ivy and during the course of the series made her name in the dark underbelly of Gotham.

Now this team will be enhanced by another kickass female Catwoman. Catwoman was always a unique character to follow as she brought an independence in it. Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn were always so involved with each other that they needed someone to balance the team dynamic, and it was done by the marvellous Catwoman.

Catwoman will be voiced by none other than Sanna Lathan, best known for her roles in The Affair, The Twilight Zone, and Love & Basketball. She also has a long-running vocal role on Family Guy as Donna Tubbs.



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