When Harley Bit Off Joker’s Lip And Broke Up With Him Like A Queen: This Is How It Happened


Although Harley has become a greatly different person after leaving Gotham, she can take extreme steps to get what she desires. In this issue, we see Harley trespass into the Arkham Asylum and setting her boyfriend Mason free, which leads to her facing off with the Joker.

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Before they come across each other, the Joker has been mentally torturing and abusing Harley. He reveals her fake appearance to various guards which makes her difficult to break out and he also tries influencing Mason against Harley.

However, Harley is not the same in this series, and she is a much-improved person, but, she can always be expected to hit out at the Joker.

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She enters his cell to talk and to make it clear that she has moved on, but, the Joker instigates her, and they start fighting. Harley not only beats him up but, also bites off a portion of his lip when he forcibly tried to kiss her.


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