Hardy Leaves WWE After A Final Brawl With Randy Orton


WWE has a separate fan base of its own. People love, worship and adore its wrestlers like its own. We have had legends born out of it like John Cena, Rock and Triple H. another formidable wrestler is Matt Hardy who will unfortunately say goodbye as hinted by his social media account.

He was knocked out by Randy Orton in the Monday Night Smackdown and it seems like it was his end on the show. The attack came after he tried to chastise him for his attack on Edge. But instead of explaining himself Orton him with an RKO. Hardy being the fighter he is tried to block him but Orton overpowered him as he took two chairs from the ringside and pulled Con-Chair-To on him. Co incidentally he did the same with Edge.

This will probably mark the end of road for Hardy who announced on his YouTube and also posted a photo of the ordeal with the caption goodbye. Pro Wrestling’s Ryan Satin also confirmed it on his twitter account.

Hardy has spoken about his relationship to WWE and how much indebted he is to the federation for whatever he has. He wanted to depart from it in an epic manner and therefore returned since 2010 didn’t match the love he had for WWE.

Even after being absent from WWE for most of 2019 he informed fans that he was perfectly healthy. He did not semi retire. He could have worked but took a call not to. He probably left for other ventures in the industry.

Hardy wrote. “-I am always down to put talent over, but I am NOT in that phase of my career. I have much, much more to offer the industry.”

We wish this legendary wrestler all the luck in the world.


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