100+ Happy Gilmore Quotes From Happy Gilmore Movie

Happy Gilmore Famous Quotes

These Happy Gilmore quotes are from the Happy Gilmore movie. There are so many Happy Gilmore quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these Happy Gilmore quotes exists just do that.

Happy Gilmore is the fundamental hero of the 1996 parody of a similar name. He is played by Adam Sandler. Happy Gilmore a while ago tried to be a hockey player. Notwithstanding a ground-breaking slapshot, Happy’s failure to skate and his unpredictable conduct avoids him from being acknowledged by any hockey group.

Moreover, Happy’s grandmother is being ousted from her home in the wake of neglecting to settle her regulatory expenses. In the wake of playing with some golf clubs and learning he can shoot golf balls far from separations, he chooses to join the PGA Tour with an end goal to repurchase his grandmother’s home.

Toward the start of the motion picture Happy Gilmore discusses his life. His mother moved to Egypt due to his dad’s fixation for hockey. Not long after that, his dad was slaughtered by a hockey puck to the head.

At that point Happy was compelled to move in with his grandma. Happy Gilmore had to do numerous occupations like janitor, corner store orderly, security gatekeeper, handyman and a development specialist. The development employment didn’t work out well since he shot his goliath supervisor, Mr. Larsen in the head with a pneumatic nailer which got Happy thrashed in all respects severely.

Happy Gilmore has hockey tryouts and doesn’t make the group so he gets in a clench hand battle with the mentor of the group who ridiculed him. At the point when Happy returns home, his better half leaves him since she says he is a failure.

The following morning Happy goes to his Grandma’s home in light of the fact that the IRS is going to take her home and everything in it. Happy Gilmore is furious so he tosses the IRS specialist through the front entryway. He is advised to recover the house, they have to think of $270,000. Happy Gilmore needs to watch the hockey match-up at his grandmother’s home so he goes outside to advise the moving folks to return to work.

The 2 folks evaluate golf clubs and afterward challenge Happy to check whether he can outdrive one of them. In the event that he does, at that point they will return to work and turn the game on. Happy Gilmore hits the ball more than 400 yards and breaks a window of a house. At that point the men approach him do it again for $20. He does it and hits a man in the head.

At that point they offer him twofold or nothing and he does and this time hits lady in the head and she tumbles off a rooftop. That is the point at which he sees his capacity to drive a golf ball. Glad at that point he carries his grandmother to the nursing home where she will live. Cheerful offered her to remain with him, however she declines the offer and Happy takes the necessary steps to recover her grandma’s home.

We have dug up these Happy Gilmore quotes from the depths of the internet and brought together best of these sayings in a single article. This post is probably the biggest database of Happy Gilmore Sayings in a single place. These famous Happy Gilmore quotes have the power to change your life by giving a novel outlook about the way you observe different aspects of your life. Hence, these popular Happy Gilmore quotes should be read with caution and proper understanding of the context. Here are tons of Happy Gilmore quotes that will open a treasure chest of Wisdom and experiences: –

“That’s my puck, baby, don’t you ever touch my puck”

Happy Gilmore Best Quotes

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“Nah, it looks that way cause you’ve only got one shoe on.”

Happy Gilmore Quotes

“I think I just killed that Mister Mister lady”

Happy Gilmore Saying

“If I saw myself dressed like that, I’d have to kick my own ass”

Happy Gilmore Popular Quotes

“You know my girlfriend is dead. She fell off a cliff and died on impact”

Happy Gilmore Famous Quotes

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“Golf requires goofy pants and a fat ass. You should talk to my neighbor the accountant, probably a great golfer, huge ass.”

“And how would I do that?”

“Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit?”

“You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?”

“You better relax, Bob.”

“All right. Let’s go!”

“You like that, old man?! You want a piece of me?!”

“[angrily emerges from the water] Now you’re gonna get it, Bobby!”

“The Price is wrong, bitch!”

“I’ll make you a bet. If you get this puck into that net, I’ll never bother you again. But if you miss, you have to give me a big fat kiss. And you have to pretend you like it too.”


“Holy shit. Talk about your all time backfires.”

“He shouldn’t have been standing there.”

“During high school, I played junior hockey and still hold two league records: most time spent in the penalty box; and I was the only guy to ever take off his skate and try to stab somebody.”

“Looks like a slight hill. Whaddya think?”

“Oh, She got hit by a car, she’s dead.”

“I’ll make you a bet. If you get this puck into that net, I’ll never bother you again. But if you miss, you have to give me a big fat kiss. And you have to pretend you like it too.”

“Hey why don’t I just got and eat some hay. I can lay by the bay, make things out of clay, I just may, what’d ya say?”

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“Yeah? What happened?”

“Ah, I’m sorry. Because you’re black?”

“You’re pretty sick, Chubbs.”

“Oh I’m sorry Because your black?”


“Get off of me.”

“Yeah, well ease it on someone else.”

“I am good. You know what, you’re a lousy kindergarten teacher. I’ve seen those finger-paintings you bring home and they SUCK.”

“You little son of a bitch ball! Why you don’t you just go home? That’s your HOME! Are you too good for your home? ANSWER ME! SUCK MY WHITE ASS BALL!”

“Son of a bitch ball. Why can’t you go home? Aren’t you good enough for your home? ANSWER ME! Suck my white ass ball!”

“Here, eat that and leave us alone!”

“Happy learned how to putt, UH-OH!”

“Golf requires goofy pants and a fat ass. You should talk to my neighbor the accountant. Probably a great golfer. Huge ass.”

“Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit?”

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Erm… I was just looking for the other half of this bottle. Oh. There’s some… and some more.”

“You’re gonna die, clown.”

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“That Son of a Bitch. Give me my ball, come on, pop it up, you dirty bastard. I swear I’m gonna… give the ball, alligator. Hey, you’ve got one eye, Chubbs. You took his hand.”

“I’m stupid. You’re smart. I was wrong. You were right. You’re the best. I’m the wrost. You’re very good-looking. I’m not very attractive.”

“Why don’t you shut the hell up.”

“Now you’re gonna get it Bobby.”

“You better relax, Bob.”

“All right, let’s go.”

“Yeah it is about time. I mean I just couldn’t get the ball in the hole. I *wanted* to but I just couldn’t do it.”

“That guy’s driving me crazy.”

“Don’t push me, Bob. Now’s not the time!”

“You’re gonna die clown!”

“Your fingers hurt? Well now your backs gonna hurt, cause you just pulled landscaping duty. Anyone elses fingers hurt?”


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