Han Will Finally Receive Justice In F9


F9’s trailer is everything we dreamed it would be. It had all the elements that has made the Fast and Furious franchise over the years such a popular property. I9t has breath taking actions and amazing stunts. Dom is back and is fully loaded in action.

We know the Fast and Furious is sort of entering the home stretch with this movie being touted as the second to last entry in the main series if the franchiser. Frankly I don’t believe it. The production and actors are too involved in the project to leave it. Regardless, even if it is seems like they are looking to wrap up the issues and storyline that has spawned over this franchise in the course of the 8 movies it has produced.

Now there was a time when Walker and Diesel didn’t want to continue with their characters. I know hard to believe but there was. Then universal came up with Tokyo Drift. Though not as magnanimous as the main series this movie had its quirks especially in the form of the characters it introduced. Han and Sean from the movie overall had a positive impression on the fan base. So much so that the fans are demanding ‘justice for Han’ ever since it was revealed that Shaw was responsible for his death. Seems like the Justice is coming as the movie which is definitely set in a timeline later than Tokyo Drift has Han’s appearance.

This appearance gets revealed in the final moments of the trailer when Han enters the gang’s den and spins the head of every fan as well as the characters in the series. We were all shocked beyond belief. Alongside Han, Sean from Tokyo Drift will also make an appearance.

How it all shapes up will be revealed on May 22 when the movie is released worldwide.


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