Will We See Green Lantern Make An Appearance In DCTV?


In the first trailer of The CW’s Stargirl, the fans had seen the Justice Society headquarters being eaten up by flames. While it is pretty shocking to find a huge mansion on fire, there is something interesting about this-the flames are green.

This means that DC TV is giving us a Green Lantern. John Stewart and Hal Jordan have been the most rumoured characters but we are dealing with the Justice Society and also, we will get Alan Scott.

Since Alan Scott’s origin dates back way before the change at DC Comics to make Green Lanterns like space cops, there has been work to retcon him into this universe. He had been a magic hero and draws his power from a magical force on Earth-2 called Starheart. The Stargirl trailer had pointed out to the destruction of the Justice Society of America, and the fans can get a sense of how it may have actually happened. We might not get a lot of look at Alan Scott since it seems like the green flames from the lantern are responsible for destroying the JSA.

The Arrowverse has also been teasing the character for many years. While there had been a fan speculation that Oliver had learned to fly a plane from Hal Jordan, it had been revealed that he had learned from his father.

The Season 4 premiere of Arrow showed us a shot of a man in a military-looking jacket with “Jordan” written on it.

The real teases had started later in this show. In the Elseworlds crossover, Earth-90 Barry Allen had recognized John Diggle and had called him John but had mentioned that he had been missing his ring. On Earth-90, John Diggle is John Stewart, and this is one of Earth’s Green Lanterns. This had been confirmed in Season 7, Episode 19 “Spartan,” where we had met Diggle’s stepfather, Roy Stewart. Stewart is the grandfather of the comics’ John Stewart, and on Earth-90, John Diggle had taken his stepfather’s last name and had become this Earth’s Green Lantern.

This gets confusing because the fans do not know how all of this actually comes ties together yet.

Stargirl is actually supposed to be a show for DC Universe and will air on the CW. We have seen these lines blurring, with Hawk and Robin from Titans making appearances in “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”


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