Green Arrow Was Raped By Shado, She Forced Herself On Him When He Was Feverish, Here’s How It Happened


Over the years, rape has played a part in so many storylines that are controversial and here, we will see many entries that had used rape as a crucial part of the plot. Before the New 52, Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) had been a different character, much wiser, older, and even a defender of civil rights. Oliver had a very long past with Shado, who was raised by Yakuza and played a vital role in the Mike Grell-era. In one encounter, Green Arrow had been injured, and was left feeling feverish, and he was suffering from delusions and hallucinations while Shado was taking care of him.

Shado had instigated a sexual encounter with Oliver, who in a haze and believed that he was sleeping with Dinah Lance AKA Black Canary. Ollie only finds out about the violation many years later when Shado mad shown up with his son Robert, and she then forbid him from being involved in the child’s life.

This rape had been very controversial due to the lack of consequences for Shado. The fans and many other writers had condemned this act are were quick to forgive.


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