Gotham Is Going To Show Us “Live-Action Killing Joke”, And It’s Going To Be Brilliant.


During an episode of DC All Access recently (watch below), Gotham actor David Mazouz talked about the remainder of the ongoing season and the kind of craziness that it might display over the next two weeks.

When the host mentioned the No Man’s Land, she made a reference to The Killing Joke and Mazouz said that a sizeable portion of this Thursday’s episode would pay tribute to the iconic Joker origin story.

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“It definitely mirrors The Killing Joke in a lot of ways,”Mazouz said. “You know, The Killing Joke kind of follows the Joker’s process of driving Gordon insane, and that is going to be mirrored with another character, and that character is really going to be tested to his limits, psychologically and physically. We’re not gonna know fully, whether or not everything is going to be okay with those characters.”

Going by the trailers, it is quite likely that Bruce is the person whom Jeremiah (Gotham’s version fo Joker) will try to drive mad. Since Gordon is assumed dead, and Jeremiah’s assistants are torturing Alfred, Bruce is already in a spot of bother. Jeremiah is capable of doing anything to damage him further. You must remember, that all it takes to make a good man lose his sanity is ‘one bad day.’

Gotham’s next episode, “A Dark Knight: One Bad Day” will air on Thursday, May 10 at 8 pm ET on FOX.


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