Get Ready To See Samuel Jackson And Ryan Reynolds In Hitman’s Bodyguard 2


This was revealed during the ongoing Cannes Film Festival which will go on until May 19 in France. The movie’s posters were seen around the venue. Although not much is revealed by the posters, they bear the title The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. Other than that, there is not yet any details related to the film available, but, it is on its way, and since posters are up at such a major event, it can’t just be a prank by the studios.

Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds are both likely to reprise their roles in the sequel. For now, a release date is not announced, but, it is unlikely that Lionsgate and Summit won’t wait for a while. The director Patrick Hughes is also expected to return and helm the movie, after having made the highly successful first movie. Although there isn’t a synopsis available for the movie, it is being called as “The Good. The Bad. And the Bats*** crazy” at Cannes. The writer Tom O’Connor who wrote the original is currently writing the script for the sequel.

Despite the absence of any major plot details, the title itself provides a good idea of the narrative in The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. Assuming Salma Hayek to reprise the character of Samuel L. Jackson’s wife in the movie, Ryan Reynolds is likely to be the one who will have to guard her against the presently unknown threat. The original movie was about Reynolds protecting Jackson from getting murdered, and Gary Oldman was the lead villain. Spoilers: Gary’s character died at the end of that movie, so he won’t be back, and a new villain must be created.

It is not known as to when the production might start, but, if the script is readied soon, the wait might not be long. Ryan Reynolds has various other projects underway, but, the only ones which are at an advanced stage are Detective Pikachu and The Croods 2, which would just need voicework, mostly. X-Force is likely to be made after Deadpool 2, but, it also doesn’t have a release date assigned yet. In case Samuel L. Jackson gets time for it, the movie might shape for a late next year or early 2020 release.

After Samuel L. Jackson wraps up the Shaft sequel and Captain Marvel, he would have time on his hands. The Hitman’s Bodyguard, despite not being a critically acclaimed movie, did well at the box office. The film made $176.5 million globally in 2017, against a budget of just $30 million. That was also greatly aided by the August release, which saved it from any major direct competition. The news is provided by The Hollywood Reporter.


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