Gamora’s Origin Story From Infinity War Has Created A Plot Hole For Guardians Of The Galaxy


Avengers: Infinity War released last Friday ending months of hype and shocking the audiences at the sheer brilliance and thrill of the film. It turned out to be the complete package.

Undoubtedly Avengers: Infinity War is an incredible movie, but, then nothing is perfect.The Russo brothers did a brilliant job of handling everything, but, when it comes to an event movie featuring 70 characters, there are bound to be some short-comings.

One major incident of this film was vital for the narrative, but, it also led to a major plot hole from an earlier Phase 2 film. Among the story points of that film, a crucial one was about the relationship shared by Thanos and Gamora. It showed that Gamora was the only person in the entire universe whom Thanos loved.

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Thanos had adopted Gamora from the Zehoberei planet in a bid to restore balance to those living there, over twenty years ago. Thanos invaded the planet because it was running out of the resources. He killed half of its inhabitants and later explained why he did what he did.

Thanos said that after his attack, the remaining Zehoberei people lived peacefully, got enough food every day besides using the resources available efficiently and sufficiently. Therefore, according to the Thanos, half of that planet was still alive, and that’s the concept he used throughout the film.

However, if we recall the introduction of Gamora in the original Guardians movie, it was revealed that Gamora was the last surviving person of her race when the Zehoberei were massacred by Thanos. Therefore, it creates a different perspective of her. The writers at times ignore trivial details despite knowing that they can create some plot holes.

Therefore, people wonder whether this revelation about Gamora’s modified origin story was an error or a deliberate move? Since James Gunn is fiercely protective of his movies, he won’t have allowed rewriting the origins of his characters, but, back then the motivation why Thanos killed half of the planet’s inhabitants wasn’t clear, Gunn went ahead and revealed that she was the sole survivor.

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The motivations of Thanos also had to be modified here because there wasn’t a Lady Death that he wished to impress in the movie. Therefore, an alternate story was created to show him as a mega-villain with some weird logic and not a senseless mercenary. He is more of an anti-hero as despite his evil actions he seeks the greater good of the Universe.

Considering this story was so amazing and exciting, it is not difficult to ignore this tiny discrepancy leading to a plot hole, just the way the writers fo the film and James Gunn.

Avengers: Infinity War is now running in theaters.


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