33 Side-Splitting Gamora Memes


GamoraZen  Whoberi Ben Titan is an imaginary Marvel Comics character created by Jim Starlin. Her comic book debut was in Strange Tales #180 published in 1975. According to comic books, she is the last survivor of her species and was adopted by Mad Titan Thanos (however, her Marvel Cinematic Origins might be slightly different). She has incredible powers such as super-human strength, agility, and enhanced healing. This green colored alien female became truly famous when she debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1. She is a super smart fighter who after initial skirmishes with the Star-Lord has now become a key member of this motley bunch of galactic warriors.


The gorgeous actress Zoe Saldana plays the character of Gamora in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her character is smart, intense, yet there are moments when she can be really funny. So far we have seen Gamora in three films in the shared Superhero universe, i.e., the two Guardians of the Galaxy Volumes and the currently running Avengers: Infinity War where she has a very crucial and emotional arc. To highlight the funny side of this brilliant character, we have compiled the most hilarious Gamora memes which will make you roll out from laughter.


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Poor Nebula!

Real Shit!


Very Fragile!

Family Reunion!

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Banner’s Sister!

Color Blind!

Generation Gap!

Do Not Touch!

Adoption War!


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Stop This Thing Now!


Gamora Memes!

A Ninja Turtle!

Little One!


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Thanos’ Daugther!

Selfie Time!


That Look!

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Soul Stone!

That’s Right!



Ooh Yeah!

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F is For Friends!


That Smile On His Face!


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