Galactus And Silver Surfer To Be Included In MCU


Fantastic Four has always been a frustrating property for Marvel fans. It was the first reiteration to show how well Marvel heroes could convert into the screen. But were never able to take it to the next level like Iron Man was able to. And it was also the franchise to legitimately give us Chris Evans. We love him as Captain America but in actuality he was the OG Johnny Storm/ Human Torch.

But the second movie of the 2005 franchise though performed critically better but gave lower results financially which is always a bad sign. But should we mourn this it gave us Chris Evans as Captain America. Then a reboot happened in 2015 which just about ruined everything.

But now as 20th Century Fox has been acquired by Disney, and a redevelopment of Fantastic Four has been announced as a part of MCU. We might get the Royal family and all the legendary characters associated with it back.

The speculation sort of changed into reality when James Gunn during his Q&A session said he has had discussions about the characters Galactus and Silver Surfer.

The fact that James Gunn is so heavily involved in Guardians of Galaxy: Vol.3 gives us hope that both of these staples from Fantastic Four could appear in this upcoming movie.

Since then Gunn has gone on to deny he has posted this and the reply has also been deleted. But thinking of it, it is a huge possibility. With 20th century fox getting acquired and Fantastic Four being so beloved of the fandom. It would make sense to make use of such an opportunity. Gunn was also the one to include Ego the Living Planet in Vol. 2. So the move wouldn’t be unexpected from him.

Guardians Of Galaxy: Vol. 3 is tentatively going to release in 2021.


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