Full Scale Image Of Spawn From Mortal Kombat Finally Revealed


Mortal Kombat fans are having one heck of a year. First they are eagerly waiting for the release of the live action adaptation of the game and at the same time rejoicing te fact that it is being R rated. The r rating is a good omen because it is indicative that the gruesomeness and violence of the game and comics will be present in the movies. The lack of these features in the original movies is what led those movies being labelled as failures.

At this moment everyone is enjoying Mortal Kombat 11. The game was released on May of last year. It has been generally appreciated. Its gameplay and characters have been appreciated and lauded. This game has also officially finished the storyline that started with the first edition as well as the reboot in 2011.

Now another good news has entered the fandom. The news is that Spawn, the final character of the Kombat Pack has been fully revealed.

To those who don’t know the video game character Spawn comes from the fictional superhero of the same name and therefore is a very popular entity.

This full scale image of Spawn has come from McFarlane Toys which produces all the action figures from the video game. The guest fighter looks ethereal to say the least and is decorated head to toe just in the way we expected, in spiked apparels and weapons. His signature red spiked armour is spread across his body though unevenly.

The first glimpse of Spawn came in the trailer of Kombat Pack, but this is the first time we are getting a full length view of this action figure albeit through a scan from Action features. The scan is available on the twitter account of Toyark.

He is also seen holding a sword. Therefore it can be assumed that sword will be his choice of weapon in the game.

Spawn will be released on Mortal Kombat 11 on 17th March.



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