Friends Reboot To Hit HBO Max


Friends is not just a show,  it is a lifestyle. Fans after 25 years of its release still live, breathe and eat it. Though Friends always remained special for everyone who was there for the ride, it is inarguable that it got a second lease of life when it started streaming on Netflix. New people found it and fell in love with it.

And needless to say wanted more of it. They wanted Rachel’s fashion, Monica’s discipline, Ross’s love for dinosaurs, Chandler’s sarcasm, Phoebe’s eccentricities and Joey’s innocence. For a long time it was just a dream as the cast actively decided against returning saying, the show was golden for it’s time. But seems like the 25th anniversary of the show tugged some heartstrings as Jennifer Aniston for the first time in a long time was quoted saying that the cast would be returning for something special.

Of course it sent waves through the entire fandom. And the ownership of Friends became more important than ever. In a huge bidding war HBO Max inched past Netflix and gained the series in a mammoth amount.

The original series worked frankly because the ensemble was magical. The team worked perfectly and so did the team behind it. Therefore no reunion or reboot no matter how lucrative will work without the original team of six as well as Crane and Kauffman. And seems like all of them will be back for this one off special.

HBO Max wants to make a splash in digital streaming. Just how Disney+ has. It was hugely beneficial for Disney+ to premier with The Mandalorian as they were able to give the entire fandom of Star wars an incentive to take its membership. HBO Max is following the same path by getting the Gossip girl reboot, Green Lantern Series and now the Friends reboot.


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