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Marvel's The Punisher

These Frank Castle quotes are from The Punisher. There are so many Frank Castle quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these Frank Castle quotes exists just do that.

Francis Castiglione aka Frank Castle aka The Punisher was conceived in Queens, New York, United States of America. Frank Castle was born to Sicilian immigrants. Frank Castle contemplated in the theological college for a time, wedded his better half, Maria, who was at that point pregnant with their first tyke, before enrolling in the United States Marine Corps, in the end ascending to the position of Captain. During his time in the USMC, Frank Castle moved on from training camp and after that went on to the United States Marine Corps School of Infantry. While still in training, Frank Castle met Phan Bighawk, an American Indian scout. He was doled out, to be Frank Castle’s guide, and through Phan, he figured out how to get by in the wilderness. Following his preparation, Frank Castle served for the Marines for four tours. Despite being one of, if not the best expert sharpshooter in the corps, it is, for the most part, suggested that a significant number of his bosses didn’t care for Frank Castle and place him in circumstances where they trusted he would be killed. At a certain point, Frank Castle’s companion from preparing, Roger Wong, was observed to run an underground market providing local people with weapons. To fend off him from the preliminary Frank Castle was sent stateside for a month, running an enlistment office. It was here that Frank Castle met Linus Lieberman, who might before long become Microchip, out of the blue, when he excluded him from the draft for having level feet and being overweight.

Frank Castle didn’t recollect this gathering later, however, Microchip did. Frank Castle battled in various committees and was the main survivor, from the two sides of a Viet Cong strike on Valley Forge Firebase in the year 1971. For courage in the line of obligation, Frank Castle was embellished with the Medal of Honor, the Navy Cross, multiple times the Silver Star and Bronze Stars, multiple times the Purple Heart, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. After completing his second voyage through obligation, Frank Castle returned to the United States and had a second tyke with his better half. Frank Castle at that point agreed to accept a third visit, for which he wrongfully reemerged the U.S. Marine Corps under the name of Frank Castle so as to come back to fight. Stronghold ran Special Black operation preparing missions for Marine Recon Commandos in the upper New York State zone. In the advanced period, Frank Castle conflicted with Spider-Man, trusting him to be a typical lawbreaker, however, the two ended up uneasy partners. Frank Castle mixed up him again as a criminal when Tarantula was capturing ships. When Moses Magnum’s Deterrence Research Corporation (DRC) was contracted to build up a lethal biochemical gas, Frank Castle tried it on abducted honest people. Punisher and Spider-Man shut down this task, however, Magnum barely got away death. Frank Castle brought down the International Industrial Alliance and the Syndicate. Frank Castle collaborated with the mutant Nightcrawler to cut down Jigsaw who was endeavoring to case Castle for a few killings. Frank Castle collaborated again with Spider-Man to prevent the Hitman from hijacking John Jonah Jameson. Spider-Man even attempted to prevent Punisher from slaughtering Lorenzo Jacobi.

We have dug up these Frank Castle quotes from the depths of the internet and brought together best of these sayings in a single article. This post is probably the biggest database of Frank Castle Sayings in a single place. These famous Frank Castle quotes have the power to change your life by giving a novel outlook about the way you observe different aspects of your life. Hence, these popular Frank Castle quotes should be read with caution and proper understanding of the context. Here are tons of Frank Castle quotes that will open a treasure chest of Wisdom and experiences: –

“All I need was a reason to be in court also, a trial of my own. “

Frank Castle popular quotes

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“And Spider-Man deserves to die!”

Frank Castle saying“Are you up for an adventure tonight? “

Frank Castle quotes

“Come on, Daredevil! You have to — wake up! “

Frank Castle famous quotes“Either way, this is going as well as all the others. “

Marvel's The Punisher

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“A good place to end things. Just don’t say another word. Let him remember you like this. ”

“All of a sudden, I’m in the mood for a cheeseburger. ”

“Can I ask you something? Is it part of your regular duties to scoop up American citizens and bind and terrorize their children? ”

“Children. He’s using children. I should’t be surprised. Children are always in the front lines of a war. At least this won’t take long. One look at me and they’re frozen. Like they’re looking at the angel of death. It’s a good start. ”

“Come on, Strange. I don’t know if you’re the best anymore, but you’re the best we got. ”

“Doesn’t take a doctor of theology to know they are not doing the Lord’s work. ”

“Don’t be an idiot. Too many idiots in masks out there already, living in their fantasy dream world. You think heroes don’t kill? Heroes get people killed all the time. Ask your boss. Ask Daredevil. Lotsa people died on his watch.”

“Don’t tell me when the conflict is over. ”

“Eddie Lau. Local Boy. Martial Artist. Black Belt Minium. In anything you care to name. ”

“Excuse us. Coming through. Thank you. ”

“Find a way to live — by making the thing that wronged you pay! ”

“Four dead & I’ll bet my pulse is still under eighty. Not bad for a warm-up. ”

“Frankenstein, meet Dracula! ”

“Funny thing about Uzis – the smaller they are, the faster they shoot. ”

“Give it up, Marrs. You played the most dangerous game, and you lost. Take your punishment like a man! ”

“Go ahead. Give it to him. He’s too much of a coward to pull the trigger. ”

“Going against a target guns blazing feels like swimming straight up. I still have to know what kinds of guns to bring, though. Death is immediate… but killing takes patience, or so training says. Sometimes, lots of patience, gathering intel. Been struck in traffic now for 30 minutes. I’m not feeling patient today. ”

“Harry “Heck” Thornton. 100% Arkansas redneck. Big time pistol fighter. Quick as lightning. ”

“Hey, Mercy, that’s your name, right? You know what they call me? Punisher. Never had much use for mercy. ”

“I came to Scully’s Ninja Training Camp to find Iris Green, who’d poisoned the middle-weight boxing champ, B.J. Johnson. I found Iris’s file seconds before encountering Katherine Yakamoto, daughter of the legendary ninja teacher, Hatsu Yakamoto. Katherine claimed to be on a mission to punish the bogus Scully for his presumption, and I was her unwitting ally. Scully and his men surrounded the house. She split, leaving me holding the bag, so I torched the place and escaped into the surrounding fields… ”

“I can take on a city. But not a nation. ”

“I can’t thank you enough for your hospitality. Are you sure you’re safe out here all alone? ”

“I caught a glimpse of Heaven once. The angels showed me. The idea was I’d kill for them. Clean up their mistakes on Earth. Eventually redeem myself. Tried it. Didn’t like it. Told them where to stick it. So they brought me up to Heaven, to see what I’d be missing. A wife. A son. A daughter. All finally at peace. I hadn’t seen them since they bled out in my arms. Then I was cast down. Back to a world of killers. Rapists. Psychos. Perverts. A brand new evil every minute, spewed out as fast as men can think them up. A world where pitching a criminal dwarf off a skyscraper to tell his fellow scum you’re back is a sane and rational act. The angels thought it would be Hell for me. But they were wrong. Welcome back, Frank. Says New York City.”

“I didn’t break up that biotech weapons deal in New York…and follow the merchandise halfway around the world…to sit on the sidelines watching a five-foot-two hairball try and stab a giant metal dog to death. ”

“I didn’t care about the politician haranguing the crowd below — I’d had enough of his kind when I was younger and believed that sort of drivel — but I knew what another assassination would do to this country — and that was something I cared about. ”

“I don’t care when the first time you saw me was, as long as this is the last time. We’re done. ”

“I don’t do friends well, Tuggs. But you’ve been a solid one. ”

“I don’t smile much. Don’t smile ever. But if I did–this would be one. ”

“I don’t want to be friends. I just know my limitations. And the fires of Hell will burn this city to the ground if you don’t follow me. That enough to get you out of bed, Doc? ”

“I need some air. One last breath. Pain is drowning. And drowning is ”

“I send them to hell. I sleep just fine. ”

“I think I shoulda just killed you after all, spider. ”

“I was the Punisher. Long as there’s a crime preying on innocents in the swill of corruption, I will be. ”

“I wont’t shoot you, you’re an honest cop. But i’m going to shoot him. Even if he goes to prison, he’ll be out in five years to do it all over again. ”

“If he doesn’t get justice… I promise you… he’ll get punishment. ”

“I’ll be watching you. ”

“I’m coming for you, Ma Gnucci. I thought I’d let you know so you could plan your funeral in advance. I got your sons. I got your killers. Now I’ve got your man-behind-the-man. Or man-behind-the-hag in your case, Ma. ”

“I’m disappointed in the choirboy. He didn’t bring out the world class supercreeps. Two females and a blind guy. Looks like I’ll still be doing all the heavy lifting. ”

“I’m looking for a couple of out-of-towners. Nasty-looking dirtbags. Probably real #$%@. ”

“I’m not afraid of death, Electro. That’s a weakness of men. I’m the Punisher. ”

“I’m not here to save your country. ”

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“I’m not leaving. There are a lot of people here I need to see. ”

“I’m not your sherpa. Come on, sister. Tick, tock. ”

“I’m only human ”

“I’m through being anybody’s soldier. ”

“In a place like this, what comes to hand depends on your imagination. Always did like the zoo. ”

“Inside the first twenty-four hours there won’t be an Alceno crew. They’re on my list anyway. I’ll bump them to the top, give you the space you need to work. ”

“Is this where you tell me not to kill them? ”

“It don’t matter who I am, Fred. It matters what I could be, if you and I don’t come to an understanding. I could be God’s red right hand. I could be His swift and terrible vengeance. I could be your punishment. Hail Hydra. ”

“It’s called spider-sense. Idiots. ”

“It’s okay, Joe. I caught you. ”

“Joey Balls…I thought I killed you. ”

“Just because you married a bunch of greaseballs, doesn’t make you gangsters. ”

“L.A. is a stray coyote. All it wants is to bite my hand off. But I’ve held it like a muzzle. Looked into it’s eyes. And made it my bitch. It’s time to make L.A. do what I want it to. ”

“Let’s talk outside. Got something for you in the car. Dos Soles brought some weapon in last night. What ever it is, it’s not what they used in Mexico. Not chemical. EMP, maybe. Shorted out my NVGs.”

“Links disintegrate — bolt clanks back and forth behind the thudding roar — brass rains on the sidewalk–the ‘sixty rattles out its song. A song I first heard years ago — of fireteams dug in on the breaks between the paddyfields, of tracer lasering the jungle night, of Hueys screaming through the void — of Lieutenant Castle getting short and hating it, wanting ‘Nam to last forever — a lullaby come all the way to New York City — come to sing you to sleep. ”

“Lower the shield, man! Just walk away! Or you can never go back……and it’s lonley as hell once you get here! There’s nothing…But the cold satisfaction of punishment! ”

“Ma Gnucci’s number one son. ”

“Maria watches from someplace… …I see her… …she’s waiting for me. Her arms open… I see Maria waiting… …it’s a good lie. ”

“Me, I know where I stand. And I don’t worry about it. Because when it’s over. When they’re all dead and the war is over… there’ll still be one bullet left. To clear all accounts. ”

“Microchip’s dead. ”

“Mr. Ruiz. My name is Frank Castle. I thought we could have a little chat. ”

“My way is to cap him in the face and leave him in the street but this way is more … traditional … ”

“Never kiss me when I don’t have a free hand to shoot you with. ”

“Ninja Training Camp–a commercial mutation of the ancient Japanese way of life–or maybe not. The ninja began as a way of life–of self-preservation against the government. But ninjutsu became a business. Ninjutsu is derived from the written character shinobi, and means to “steal in”. All ninja had to be proficient with three major weapons–some were skilled with as many as twenty. The modern ninja looks little like his traditional counterpart. But the purpose remains the same–to steal in, steal secrets, maim, kill and bamboozle your enemies, often at the behest of a wealthy client–or government. ”

“No matter where you turn, there’s a decision to be made. Life or death. Right or wrong. Regular or crunchy. ”

“No, Tuggs. I’m the doctor here and the patient needs continuity of care. I have to see it through. If I don’t stop them, well… everyone will get involved then, anyway. ”

“No. They’re all here. All of the scum. All in one place. It’s perfect. ”

“No. This isn’t your fight. You protected me. It’s my turn to protect you. ”

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“Nobody suspects the caterer. ”

“Now, how about some ice cream? ”

“Okay, listen up. This is how it’s going to be. You don’t like it, you leave now… ”

“One click down for automatic. Two clicks down for semi. Mikhail Kalashnikov was not a man to mess around. ”

“Only one way to cure a junkie. Same way you cure a killer. ”

“Punisher War Journal entry #22173. Whatever it was that changed Spider-Man’s worldview on dealing with criminals… I approve. Which is something that before now, he would never want. And if he goes too far over the edge? I’ll be waiting.”

“Relax. It’ll fade. And if it doesn’t, well…You get used to it. ”

“Remember my face! It’s the last thing you’re ever going to see … and I want you to carry the memory of it straight to HELL! ”

“S.H.I.E.L.D. could swoop down in from the sky and put one long-overdue bullet between my eyes right this very second. ”

“see Maria waiting… it’s a good lie. ”

“See? It’s not how much it hurts. It’s how much you think it’ll hurt. ”

“So choices. Maybe you and I fight, which would give that wannabe Crimson Dynamo idiot time to grab Antonov and leave. In which case nobody dies — unless the red guy kills us while we’re fighting over who’s got moral superiority. Or instead, I’ll just kill them both right now. You don’t even have to look, Daredevil. It’ll be our little secret. ”

“So they’re idiots. Nobody with that kind of gear is harmless. Just like the last Stilt-Man. They’ll get cocky and overconfident and open fire in a crowd to prove a point and people die when idiots get power. ”

“Sometimes, there is a happy ending, John Blaze. You remember that every time you look at those kids… and you remember that there are some people out there who won’t ever have a happy ending. ”

“Sounds like a suicide mission in the perfect place for an ambush. ”

“Sounds like you don’t think I’m so crazy after all.”

“Stay here until you hear the gunfire stop. ”

“Sticky Eddie. Dealer. User. Liked to O.D. business rivals, watch them choke on blood. ”

“Stranger things have happened. ”

“Survivors aren’t your problem. ”

“Tag. You’re it. ”

“Tall Joe Small: Sniper. Ex-Marine Recon. Capped fifty guys in Desert Storm. ”

“That’s a good deal of lead flying around right where you want it. ”

“That’s a ten-inch blade and I’m guessing about a two-inch thick table. How much fat does it have to go through before that thing reaches your heart? Let’s find out”

“That’s where the caped crowd always misses the point. Some enemies you charge head-on. Others you shoot through the head with a high-powered Skrull sniper rifle from four miles away. ”

“The Bengal wasn’t after the girl. He was after the priest. I’m the one who’s after the girl. ”

“The cockroaches always come out when the lights go off. ”

“There’re over eleven thousand cabs in New York City. And almost nobody has a good word to say about any of them. But when it’s raining New Yorkers keep their opinions to themselves. They hate the cabbies even more. New York cabbies are near legendary for their surliness and indifference. It’s their suit of armor. But somebody out there hates them with more than the usual venom. Five cabbies in as many weeks. All done with a .44 Magnum. Probably a Charter Arms Bulldog. David Berkowitz’s weapon of choice. No sex angle. No big names. The press is ignoring. The cops have better things to do. Time for me to pull a few late nights.”

“These are your tools. The rest are the luxuries of the living. The dead don’t get music. The dead don’t get beauty. The dead don’t get flavor, or warmth, or friendship. Because the dead don’t feel. ”

“These men believe they are agents of death. The terrorists think that they bring war. But they don’t know how long I’ve spent in the company of death and war. They don’t know… death and war are my allies. ”

“They kept her alive. Maria. My wife. ”

“They laugh at the law. The rich ones who buy it and twist it to their whims. The other ones, who have nothing to lose, who don’t care about themselves, or other people. All the ones who think they’re above the law, or outside it, or beyond it. They know all the law is good for is to keep good people in line. And they all laugh. They laugh at the law. But they don’t laugh at me. ”

“This feels more and more like fighting a war in someone else’s name, fighting a war for politics… victory doesn’t feel like victory. When war becomes politics you fight for your brother instead. We are soldiers, not politicians. Not even civilians. But my brothers are gone… so who do I fight for? ”

“True story. I never think about it. That way I figure I’ll stay sane. But it’s true. ”

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“Two dozen prison guards were killed by Hydra and rioting convicts. Ghost escaped. Baron Zemo escaped. The Supreme Commander is still alive. And you consider tonight a win. That’s why I’m not on your team. ”

“Wait what?! This where you beat the crap out of me for what I did to you? What?! ”

“Wait. Look at them. Look at what they’re doing. These aren’t monsters. They’re people from another realm. Families… just wearing a different skin. That — that magician. He pulled them into our crossfire. Not a thing I take kindly to.”

“War Journal Entry Number 381, Update: Four people were already dead, murdered by a sniper pretending to be the Punisher–which hadn’t exactly helped my reputation. ”

“War Journal, Entry Ten — continued: The Mechanic was my ordinance man in ‘Nam. He had a special genius for devising weapons and explosives… a genius that was almost terminated by a claymore mine in Qu?ng Tr? Province. “Maybe its just as well,” he said when I first looked him up in the Maryland Veteran’s Home… “Guys like us, Captain, we were trained for one thing only… killin’. What good are we to anybody without a war?” At the time, I didn’t have a good answer for the Mechanic. I suppose I don’t really have one for him even now… but I do have a war. ”

“We gotta steal a car. I’m going to MEXICO, and I’m gonna SHOOT THAT GUY in the FACE. ”

“We had a team-up. You were great. ”

“We have a new target, Marine. Form on me. We’re going to war. ”

“Well, Spider-Man… it seems we meet again… and this time, I’m in control. This time, you have to face… THE PUNISHER! ”

“Well… At least I finally know what a cape’s good for. ”

“We’re nothing alike, me and the enemey. Yes, we both deal in death. But they sell theirs. I give it away. ”

“We’re trying to find the Paguro Family, which has survived everything thrown against them — me included — because they’re incredibly good at not being found. Other criminals won’t talk about them. They’re too afraid. If you want to find out anything about the Paguros, you need to be scarier than they are. ”

“What have I done? ”

“What is even happening?”

“What was your mission? ”

“Whatever Kriegkopf had on you died with him. The fact he had something means you’re dirty. But that’s your business. My business is the maniac you let in was sicced on me. Most people involved in attempts to kill me die. Not you. You get a warning. Don’t ever give me cause to visit you again. Like I say I can get in anywhere. Nothing stops me. The latest idiots to try are vapor. Nine millimeters. I’m never further away than that. ”

“What’s your endgame here, Fury? You going to ask me to stop killing Hydra? ”

“Why all of this–for what? Revenge for your old man? Was it worth making me kill you?! ”

“Wire’s around my wide-pipe now…arms going numb…vision red around edges… Gonna die in the stinking subway. ”

“You boys like Skynyrd? ”

“You can fly a World War I biplane? ”

“You can hear the truth… or you can kill me.”

“You don’t know what it’s like to hate. To have your entire life become nothing more than an expression of hate. Nothing else matters. Nothing else can compare. Or taste as sweet. ”

“You killed Bridge. Sold my wife to Jigsaw. ”

“You know I’m close, Fury. Petrov dies today or I do. And I know you’re okay with either option. ”

“You like magic tricks? Abracadabra. ”

“You made things easy. I don’t have to come and find you. You’re next on my list. ”

“You think that’s all it’ll take to kill me? You think that’s all it’ll take to kill CAPTAIN AMERICA? ”

“You wouldn’t like where I’m going. ”

“Your goons broke my suit, Fury. ”

“Your time’s over, Oswald Zinn, “Napoleon”, or whatever the hell you call yourself. This is your Waterloo. ”

“You’re all spooks and boy scouts — she…she’s a warrior. She wants to avenge the death of her family, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes. I respect that. ”

“You’re following a little too close, Doc. ”

“You’re sending us in with a bunch of mercenaries? “


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