Zack Snyder: The Cosmic Treadmill Was Used By Flash In Batman v Superman


Two years have passed since the superhero film hit theaters, but, the director is still trickling out details related to the film and what he had wanted to do if he had continued with the DCEU.

Once again he revealed more details on Vero about his Snyderverse, the director acknowledged the theory about Barry Allen using the legendary Cosmic Treadmill to return and caution Bruce Wayne about the dangers of the future.

The Cosmic Treadmill is a famous item in DC Comics mythos and has repeatedly helped heroes including The Flash to undertake time travel, but, so far it wasn’t revealed that The Flash used it in Batman v Superman. According to Snyder’s post, Allen sed the Cosmic Treadmill to go back in time and inform Bruce about the dark Knightmare future, but, he went too far beyond and was compelled to step off the device into the Batcave. It is interesting to note, that this was what made Bruce Wayne feel that his premises had been broken into and made him return to Wayne Manor. It might be a minor detail, but, it is one that Snyder wanted to let the audience know about.

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Snyder had plans to make a five-film arc, and his recent barrage of social media posts highlights that each film would have been linked to those that released before it. Fans are aware of the fact that the Knightmare timeline was planned to return later in his cinematic universe, and the one sequence from Batman v Superman was one of the film’s most divisive elements. It is undeniable that the apocalyptic world of desert Batman and a dark Superman concepts could have been exploited better, but, what role could have been played by The Flash, is unclear. In any case, the Cosmic Treadmill was definitely useful.

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Now that Snyder is no longer a part of the DCEU, audiences are probably never going to find out what would have been his next move. The power to undertake time travel might have been the way Snyder visualized the franchise, but, we can’t say whether it will be a part of the future DC movies. As far as The Flash is concerned, Barry Allen had a lengthy role in Justice League and is still scheduled to get a solo movie, even though The Flashpoint is in a soup. In any case, Snyder might be able to please fans by revealing the trivial details, which are meaningless now.


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