Flash Connects Dragon Ball Z In Its Universe In The Latest Issue


Marvel and DC has always had an intense competition between each other. If one does something the other one is not far behind. They always try to sometimes subtly or overtly one up each other. Something like that happened between the recent issue of X men and The flash.

X men recently made a connection to another beloved fandom Rick and Morty. This connection was actually started by the latter when he mocked the Marvel heroes. But now we have another connection this time between a DC universe, The flash and Dragon Ball z.

To those unaware Dragon Ball z is a beloved manga and anime which has been syndicated all over the world and has fans across all cultures.

In the latest arc Flash is facing a super powerful villain Captain Cold and during a confrontation between both of them and due to the influence of Speed Force Barry Allen unlocked a new power which turns his entire body to gold.

Anime fans will identify this as the phenomenon Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball z. All of this happened in the previous issue. In the present issue the speculations of fans were deemed correct when it was exactly identified by that name.

He really struggled with this power so much so that he was sent to Arkham Asylum alongside Captain Cold. Eventually he got re synced to the Speed Force and everything was right.

The revelation came from Piper who used the Sound Gun to set things right for Barry Allen. He said

“Don’t get too excited. This is not an easy fix. Only a temporary one. You’re still dangerous. You can live a normal life only if you don’t overuse the Speed Force. Any time you do, you run the risk of going Super Saiyan. Hurting yourself, or anyone around you.”

Therefore it can be speculated that Goku and Barry could meet in the recent future and after the Crisis event on CW we can comfortably say that anything is possible. We know for a fact that the fans of both the fandoms would literally lose their minds for this epic meet up.


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