10 Female Superheros Who Can Demolish Wonder Woman Easily


The Amazonian Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman is easily among the mightiest superheroes in the DC Universe as well as overall Comic book superheroes. She along with The Batman and The Superman forms the big trinity of DC Comics and has been around since the World War II days. The daughter of Zeus has incredible strength and is a well-trained combatant. However, despite all her might, there are many powerful female superheroes, not just in the DC Universe, but, also in the Marvel Comics who might be able to beat her. We have compiled a list of such Female superheroes which you can check below:

1. Supergirl

While the cousin of Superman is not as expert a fighter as Wonder Woman is, but, she can certainly beat the Wonder Woman. She has beaten even Superman on occasion or two, so it won’t be wrong to say that she might be able to overpower Wonder Woman as well.

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2. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is probably the most powerful Marvel hero. She can absorb the energy of all the attacks made on her and convert it into powers which mean she could beat Wonder Woman even without touching her with a ten feet pole. In fact, she might even win a round of boxing with Wonder woman.

3. Phoenix Force

Jean Grey can’t beat Diana because she is not vulnerable to telepathy, but, once she becomes the Phoenix Force, Wonder Woman would be nothing more than a fly whom the Phoenix Force will swatt easily.

4. Lady Thor

Thor’s lady love Jane Foster turned out to be worthy of wielding Mjolnir and went on to become Thor, and she is a fantastic warrior. She has re-established the order among all the realms, and if she has to take on Wonder Woman, the deed might be done by Mjolnir itself. Diana’s combat expertise would mean that she won’t get easily defeated, but, in front of Thor’s lightning and thunder, the hammer will hammer her! Yes, Jane will win this fight.

5. Emma Frost

Emma is among the mightiest telepaths, and she is capable of killing someone by just manipulating his head. If she gets hold of Diana’s head, she would make her see Steve Trevor’s death and Amazon’s destruction to make her feel helpless and taking advantage of the situation; she would beat her. We all know what Max Lord had done to her.

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6. Storm

Storm has the power to control weather, and that’s why she is also known as Weather Goddess. Sentinels rate her as an Omega-level hero which is reason enough to believe that she would beat Wonder Woman. We have already seen this happen in a 1996 DC vs. Marvel crossover where Storm beat Wonder Woman decisively.

7. Angela

The daughter of Odin, Angela is equal to Wonder Woman in powers and is a well-trained fighter who also ruled as the Queen of Hel. Considering their past and their skills, they appear to be quite similar. However, Angela has origins from a place where savage killers existed, and she would not think twice before knocking Diana’s head off.

8. White Martian

White Martian is mightier than even the Green Martian or Supergirl. She can control minds, change shape, has powers of telepathy, x-ray vision, infrared vision, microscopic and telescopic vision, telekinesis and even the ability to become malleable. Diana is sitting duck if these two fight each other.

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9. Hela

Hella is the goddess of Hell and has the power to revive the dead as we saw in Thor: Ragnarok. She is among the deadliest supervillains in Marvel universe and Wonder Woman is no match for her. Hela is called the god slayer since she killed Asgardians.

10. She-Hulk

After receiving blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner, Jen Walters also received his powers and now among the mightiest Marvel heroes. Diana can’t compete with her strength and regeneration powers. To have any chance against She-Hulk, Wonder Woman will have to use every single weapon in her arsenal.


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