Fast And Furious And Tokyo Drift Finally To Have A Full Blown Mash Up


According to reports Fast and Furious is entering its home stretch. The franchise which has till date produced eight movies has become a staple of pop culture. It is one of the biggest fan favourite franchise ever. It has made stars out of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Michelle Rodriguez. And all of the stars are really attached to the project considering it was something that they shared with Paul, who tragically died 6 years ago.

It is really difficult to think of a time when this franchise was not in existence or when the stars didn’t want to continue with it. But there was a time when Diesel and Walker refused to reprise their roles which led to Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift. Though the film suffered a lot because of the absence of the aforementioned stars at the end it did contribute a lot to the Franchise. It gave us Justin Lin who is the main force because of which the franchise became a critical success. And honestly the characters weren’t half bad. The characters Of Han, Sean and Earl in the movie though lacked the grandness of Diesel and Walker did have their own beauty.

Over the years the events of Tokyo Drift has been beautifully interwoven in the main series with primarily when Deckard Shaw was revealed to be Han’s killer. But now both of these films will come together for an ultimate mash up as Han, Earl and Sean have been spotted in the F9 trailer.

Han’s appearance is unmissable as his entry literally makes the whole team go- how the hell is this possible? Much like all the fans. But Sean’s appearance is just for a split second. While Earl is standing right behind him.

The movie will be released on May 22, 2020.


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