Fans Furious Over Cara Dune From The Mandalorian And Other Female Characters In Star Wars


WARNING: This article has spoilers for The Mandalorian Episode 4, “Sanctuary.”

For the whole Disney era of the Star Wars franchise, many fans have complained about the female characters who have played lead roles. Rey has been called a “Mary Sue,” and Rose Tico has been labelled as useless and out of place. JynErso has also been dismissed as being flat, and Qi’ra had been labelled as under-developed.

A minority has also criticized the women of Star Wars for actually having ruined the movies.

This was followed to the small screen, with the new Disney+ series The Mandalorian. For the first few episodes, all the fans had been passionate about the adventures of the bounty hunter. By the fourth episode, two women had been introduced, Cara Dune who is an ex-Rebel trooper and also, Omera, a native of Sorgan.


One major criticisms are that the new women of the Star Wars franchise seem to be representing a form of “forced diversity” where female characters are given prominent roles in a narrative just for the sake of it. According to those who use “forced diversity”, it is not a good practice to cast women just because it is necessary.

The criticism is difficult to take seriously, but it becomes hard when we see what the diversity critiques had drawn issue with and do not draw an issue with. Rey, who is a woman who fought all her life on a desert planet, can swing a lightsaber with some degree of efficiency and this bad according to the critiques. They say that she can use some Force powers without training, and intuitively manipulates a Stormtrooper using the Jedi Mind Trick.

When Baby Yoda lifts up a mudhorn using the Force, these same remain silent. These fans do not see any issue with a young Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace piloting a Naboo N-1 Starship, and they and they have no issue with how he destroyed the Trade Federation blockade.


The complaints about Omera are also far more minimal. By breaking down and trying to understand why exactly all the fans are angry with Omera, it does become clear what irritates them about Cara Dune.

Omera is a native of an isolated fishing village, and she develops feelings for the Mandalorian, who has been hired for defending the citizens against raiders. Although she has led a pretty peaceful existence, she hides her daughter and herself during an attack. She has competent survival skills like any widow in a lot of Western movies. However, a few of the fans had taken issue that the only person who knew how to use a weapon was a woman.

The critique said that if a woman has competence in any field, there are a few fans who would demand an explanation as to how this is possible.


Cara Dune’s introduction last week had been enough to turn a few of the viewers against a series that they lauded because of its “forced diversity”. It is pretty difficult to pinpoint what about Cara Dune has gotten all the fans so agitated, other than that she is a skilled combatant. She had fought in the Rebellion, and after having become disgusted with the New Republic, she became a mercenary.


All the objections to Cara Dune stem from her ability to fight the Mandalorian. This altercation forms the very basis of the mutual respect and also leads the bounty hunter to enlist her help in protecting the village. The Mandalorian seems to be unfazed by how the fight plays out, and a few viewers had also detected a plot by the producers for trying to demonstrate that women are just as strong as men.


In all the episodes, the Mandalorian has been pitted against forces that he cannot defeat on his own: he had needed IG-11 for reaching Baby Yoda and also needed Baby Yoda for stopping the Mudorn. At no point has the Mandalorian been shown as an unstoppable force, and there are a lot of fighters on his level all throughout the galaxy.

Created by Jon Favreau, The Mandalorian stars Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano, Carl Weathers, Giancarlo Esposito, Emily Swallow, OmidAbtahi, Werner Herzog and Nick Nolte. A new episode arrives each Friday on Disney+.


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