Fans Emotionally Remember Harold Ramis On His Death Anniversary


Sometimes people cannot really understand why fans love their fandoms so much. Why do they identify with a certain project so much that they are ready to dedicate so much to them. That they don’t mind waiting in lines for them for hours, going on social media and tweeting day in and day out for them. It is because fans find their place in them, their home and therefore give their heart to it. Therefore when you lose someone who you literally gave your heart to. It is difficult beyond belief.

But unfortunately the Ghostbusters fandom had to suffer a loss like this six years ago when one of the lead actors and co- writer of the movie Harold Ramis succumbed to his disease and breathed his last. It was a tragic day all over the world as we lost one of the greatest filmmakers of our times. His movies had a profound effect on his viewers, it resonated with them. He made people believe that happily ever afters are possible no matter what situation you are in right now. No matter how downtrodden you feel, no matter how much of an outsider you feel like. You can and you will come on top of things and emerge victorious. To a bunch of people in the world who didn’t look like or feel popular he was their messiah.

On the sixth anniversary of his death Twitter was flooded with messages of remembrance and mourning for the legend that was Harold Ramis. As we all know Ghostbusters: Afterlife will be a tribute to Ramis in many ways, the fact that the anticipation regarding the movie is so high, also makes everything about this surreal.

His daughter Violet Ramis tweeted on her account,

Very grateful to everyone who reached out today to offer well-wishes on my dad’s deathiversary. Although grief is ever-present, today I am filled with love and appreciation for all he was and the many gifts he gave us.

Here he is, the way I will always remember him – talking Big Ideas, full of life and laughter, with a twinkle in his eye, and me looking over his shoulder ❤

Full of Life and Laughter


Carry His Legacy

Cool to Be Clever

Brilliant and Talented



His Spirit Continues

Gone Too Soon


Beautiful Human

Can’t Believe It


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