Fans Can Rejoice As The News Of The Cancellation Of The Obi-Wan Series Proves To Be False


The long-term avid fans of The Star Wars Series can breathe a sigh of relief as the news about the cancellation of the Obi-Wan series has proven to be mere fabrications.

The speculations regarding the cancellations caught a lot of fire because of a series of tweets. Multiple industry journalists posted cryptic tweets all indicating towards the demise or death of the series. The most prominent of those were of Daniel Richtman, whose Patreon reported the series was “delayed indefinitely” and “possibly dead.” The origin of the rumours could be traced to a parody account of Discussing Film one of the companies backing this highly anticipated series on Disney+.

But all these rumours can be put to rest as multiple sources have confirmed that the series is not dead and well into development with shooting slated to begin this year. According to McGregor and Lucasfilm presidentKathleen Kennedy this movie will followJedi’s exile in the years between Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope.

As widely known the project was initially planned as a feature length movie but according to series scribe Hossein Amini the story is best suited in a six episode series. In his opinion there are so many facets of the main character’s psychology because of the  present situation of the world in which the Jedi becomes nearly extinct — mostly wiped out in Revenge of the Sith by an order handed down by new Galactic Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid), that would not come out beautifully in a movie.

In Amini’s own words, “There is so much going on between [Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope] that hasn’t been explored. The idea of being able to go into a character journey plus the politics and plus all the vastness of the empire and what’s going on is exciting just because it feels like a proper period of history and sometimes that is hard to do in two hours,”

The expectations regarding the series, which will be the third live action Star Wars Series on the streaming service Disney+ is on an all-time high following the smashing success of Jon Favreau-created The Mandalorian which at this moment is preparing for its sophomore season.


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