Fan Reimagines Reeves As Constantine


The departure of our favourite OG hero Oliver Queen has filled us with all kinds of emotions. We are sad and confused all at the same time. But we can all agree on one thing that Crisis on infinite earth was epic and one of a kind. I mean it opened the prospect of Arrowverse wide open in ways none of us ever imagined. Every appearance as and when it was made our Jaws went more and more on the floor. But one appearance that surely blew our mind was that of both the Flash having an encounter with each other. This means that both Grant Gustin’s and Ezra Miller’s Flash can exist in this multiverse. And we saw like three Superman too.

So that brings to mind another superhero, Constantine. Don’t get us wrong we love and adore Matt Ryan in the role, there is a reason that even after getting scrapped on NBC he got another life in Arrowverse. He is good. But in 2005 another amazing version of Constantine graced our screens in the form of Keanu Reeves. We all know that Reeves is set on reprising three of his most iconic roles this year in the form of John Wick, Neo and Ted, why not put Constantine in the mix. Warner Bros. are you listening to me? Crisis also proved that Keanu’s Constantine could survive side by side Matt Ryan’s.

If sources are to be suggested one of the important reasons behind Matrix getting a sequel was to block Reeves from joining Marvel. And the only two superheroes Reeves has ever shown any interest in are Wolverine and Constantine. Well wolverine is not in DC’s hands but Constantine is. And if they think about fans, they also want the exact same thing as evidenced by a fan trailer that became hugely popular in which Reeves reprises his role as Constantine. This trailer uses footage of Reeves as Wick, brings back Shia LeBouf and also casts Alexandra Daddario as Zatanna, the famous love interest of Constantine.

Well f such a sequel comes out people will hoard in theatres.


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