Artworks Of This Russian Artist Show How Famous Characters Would Look If They Got Old, And Thor Looks Awesome


Time is a constantly moving dimension and with the passage of time, everything ages. Whether it is humans, the environment or the buildings, everything ages and our beloved superheroes are not a complete exception to this. Although, we have a number of superheroes who have godly origins or those who have extremely slowed down the aging process, but, we all age nonetheless. Despite this truth and the fact that the years seem to just fly past all of us, it is quite unusual to see the aging process being depicted in the comic books or cartoons. Has it ever come to your mind how things would be if our favorite characters and superheroes became old and retired just like any other human being in the world?

LesyaGuseva is a talented Russian artist based in Perm, who has had these thoughts and has created artwork that lets us imagine such a scenario. The artist created “Pensioners,” a gallery of illustrations where she has depicted many of the most loved Marvel, DC and even Disney characters in their twilight years where they have given up their super-duties and live their lives like any aged person does. Just imagine Thor building a birdhouse with his tiny grandson or Spider-Man knitting with his wife or maybe the 90th birthday celebrations of Minnie and Mickey Mouse at the Disneyland! Go ahead and check all such things below!

#1 Thor

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#2 The Flash

#3 Supergirl And Wonder Woman

#4 Catwoman

#5 Harley Quinn

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#6 Joker

#7 Deadpool

#8 Ariel

#9 Batman

#10 Spider-Man


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