Excalibur Torn Out Of The Anvil. Have We Got The New King Of Fantasyland?


We fans love our fandom, maybe sometimes very much. Sometimes we also get crazy about them and pull out some weird things.

As we all know visiting Disneyland is one of the most fantastic experiences for a fan to ever have. To meet your favourite characters, go on those legendary rides and see some of the most famous visual treats is an experience to behold. But all of these feelings seemingly got a little overwhelming for a visitor who broke the famous Excalibur Sword.

The visitor was trying to win a prize by taking out the sword but ended up breaking it. It was a very sorry sight according to a witness as a cast member came to check on the sword. But in a more positive note maybe we got the new king of Fantasyland.

The sword was so badly broken that it disappeared for a while on 12th January. Then when it returned it came with a story: a large man had brute-forced the prop sword out of an anvil, but rather than coming out as a sword and earning him a prize, it snapped (possibly because it was a prop and not actually a full sword to begin with).

That’s what we want right. I mean in our life every experience that we have we wish to come back from it with a good story. Even though it was broken badly at least Excalibur now has a good story to tell.

To be honest Disneyland was not really that effected by Excalibur’s absence as most of the tourists are right now putting all their focus on the latest Star Wars attraction.

Disney parks are right now filled to the brim to see Rise of the Resistance. People are waiting in line for the park to open as early as 3am.

We hope that Disneyland continues to give immense joy to all the fans for many more years.


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