An Ex X-Men Mutant Who Had Power To Give Orgasms, Here’s How It Happened


It is not embarrassing to be among the third-rung X-Men. It is an obvious outcome of being a member of such a huge team which creates a huge comics franchise because obviously, not everyone can get the same position as the Wolverine, and there have to be people like Marrow, Stacy X, too.

In fact, there might be a little bit of embarrassment there, considering the fact that she is a mutant prostitute and such. Debuting in 2001 (nearly a year before Garth Ennis and Amanda Conner went on to redefine the super-prostitute with “The Pro), Stacy X was first noticed by the X-Men during the time she worked at X-Ranch, a mutant brothel located in Nevada, where she used her mutant powers to cause satisfying climaxes to clients in lieu of money.

That’s some modest beginning truly, but, if you evaluate it objectively, it is not much disgusting than living as a mass killing government machine. The problem with Stacy is that she never really moved on from being a prostitute, even during her X-Men stint, who was open to offering herself and her powers to almost anyone who could pay her fifty bucks, X-Men, a street ruffian or the Daily Bugle reporter or anybody at all. Ultimately there came a time when she declared leaving the team via a video of her skipping rope in the buff.

Her Wikipedia entry is an amalgamation of funny and absolutely depressed, and that’s unlike any other character ever seen:

She also proved to be a highly skilled fighter, even giving Wolverine a proper workout.

Shortly after X-Men rescued her from the X-Ranch, Stacy lived at the Institute, but, took a break after having “served” a special client in Chappaqua, New York. Wolverine located her and fought with her before they reconciled.

Although she was a prostitute when she had the mutant powers, she never truly went to bed with anyone for money as she used her pheromone powers to get the thing done. However, once she lost her powers, the equation changed.



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