Ewan McGregor Talks About The Obi Wan Kenobi Series


Ewan McGregor who has recently come out of the iconic role of Black Mask in Birds Of Prey is more than ready to get back into another iconic role of Obi Wan Kenobi. But it would take a little longer than expected as the series has been delayed due to some creative problems.

The announcement of the series brought a lot of enjoyment as fans of the Star Wars had wanted a back story of the character for many years but somehow it never happened until now. But since such a long time has passed since Ewan las played this characters fans are very much curious about how he will get into the skin of this character again or does he will weird about it. Fortunately the actor replied that he doesn’t feel any awkwardness and would get back into the character as soon as he puts the cloak back on.

He for his preparation got himself updated on all the latest Lucas films starting from the sequel trilogy to their newest offering Mandalorian, which also raised the expectations of fans as it truly showed what this franchise could do in long term storytelling.

As far as the delay was concerned the actor didn’t worry about it as he said the production would surely begin the net year and the delay was solely due to quality concerns as after the sequel trilogy the entire team had an opportunity to go over the script and thought that there was a scope of improvement and therefore collectively decided to take the extra time.

He also comforted the fans by saying that whatever he had read of the series he really liked it a lot ao there is nothing to be worried about.

The Obi Wan Kenobi story will hit Disney+ the next year.


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