A New Evil Dead Movie In Works , And It Could Bring Original Character Back


Fede Alvarez is the Uruguayan filmmaker best known for directing the surprise hit summer horror flick, “Don’t Breathe.” Now the director is in talks to direct the Evil Dead sequels and is hoping to collaborate with Sam Raimi on writing the sequel to Evil Dead.

With a budget of under $10 million, the psychological thriller Don’t Breathe raked in about $54 million in its first two weeks.

In celebration of his success, Alvarez took to social media platform Reddit where he spoke about working with Sam Raimi and writing a sequel for “Evil Dead.”

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Here’s what he had to say:

On a follow-up to “Evil Dead”: “We might write a sequel at some point. And [the] tone won’t be a comedy, but it won’t be like my ‘Evil Dead’ either. We need to honor the fact that every ‘Evil Dead,’ always departs from whatever the previous one was, don’t you think?”

On having Mia and Ash meet in future “Evil Dead” movies: “I want to write that story, but I want Sam Raimi to direct it.”

His experience working with Sam Raimi: “I met him first over the phone a few years ago, and we chatted [about] films in general, and realized we have a taste in common. And working with him has always been lots of fun. He’s an amazing director/producer and an amazing guy!”

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On indie filmmakers directing big blockbusters: “I don’t like the trend of getting indie filmmakers to do big movies too fast. Usually, the system chews them [up] and spits them back out… Everything at its right time.”

His most important rule for creating a horror film: “Never BORE your audience! Keep it sexy, keep it scary.”

Universal monster movie he’d like to add his own spin on: “I love ‘The Invisible Man’ and I’m a big ‘Dracula’ fan. Not sure [if] Universal would go for my version of those films… They would probably [be] too f****d up.”

His inspiration for the character of The Blind Man: “[The inspiration] came from [Edgar] Alan Poe’s ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ I think. There’s a moment in that story that’s very similar to the scene were Money enters the Blind Man’s room, that froze my blood when I read it for the first time.”

On being an “unofficial filmmaking ambassador” for Uruguay: “That’s the biggest responsibility I have. To honour my country, and make them look good!”

His ultimate dream project: “Would love to do and R-rated ‘Star Wars’… That would be da s**t!”


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