Endgame Trailer Gets Good Response


Endgame impacted fans and the storyline in Marvel Cinematic Universe in a way nobody thought. It was beautiful, emotional, poetic and undoubtedly financially successful. It literally gave fans what they wanted when it was first conceived by bringing together a bevy of superheroes that we never thought could happen. But it happened and stole our hearts in the process.

Anything about the movie does very well. Especially the games have really worked very well with the fans to say the least. The trailer of a new game released recently giving fans a peek into what can be expected band also some extra footage.


Though there is new footage but we can be assured that the scenes does included are full of action.

Disappointedly a lot of the footage has been repurposed from previous reiterations most probably to promote other game, collectibles, and pre-order bonuses.

But after 38 seconds of the trailer we see the Thor using Bifrost Heroic which is one of his main capabilities and from there on out every avenger except Captain America gets a chance to show their skills against an opponent whether it is the physical manoeuvres like Iron Man and Black widow or Brute capabilities like Kamala Khan and Hulk. The enemies that will feature in the video game are also shown.

How the gameplay will go, we don’t know? Square Enix and Marvel Entertainment who are developing the game have in the previous months shard information about various characters but the last concrete information they gave about the game wholly was that it has been delayed.

But after this trailer new information can be expected. We also get a peek at some new skins we might get if we pre order the game.

I don’t know about you but I cant wait to put my hands on it.


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