Emily Blunt To Join Marvel Cinematic Universe


Marvel Cinematic Universe is entering a new era. After giving us 2 decades worth of adventures, Iron Man breathed his last (maybe) in the Endgame. Iron man literally ushered in a legacy of superheroes. He breathed fire into them and aired their flames to such an extent that they don’t need him anymore.

His death has brought an end to the Infinity Saga and though people will miss him dearly there is one question that is in the heads of all the fans – What next? As far as we know Marvel is coming up with a Black Widows prequel, which wouldn’t really give us that much insight into the future and is literally fighting for Spiderman with all their might therefore highly doubtful that they would put the weight of their franchise on him.

Marvel is coming up with a huge number of movies and shows in the coming years. They are trying to recruit the best of everything because talent and content was a huge reason why their movies worked in the first place.

They also have just come out with Disney + which gives them the opportunity to create what DC did with CW, which mind you is huge. They need amazing creators and Talent to back it up. Therefore every fan has an eagle eyed view on every actor having a meeting with Marvel. One of those reportedly being Emily Blunt.

To those who don’t know Blunt is a very popular choice for MCU among fans. She also has a great presence and record in franchise, action and adventure films having starred in Mary Poppins returns, A Quiet Place and its sequel, Edge of Tomorrow and Looper.

She definitely has the calibre to pull of any of the superheroes in Marvel. We hope that both the actor and Marvel come together and make a collaboration to remember.


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