100+ Drax the Destroyer Quotes From The Guardians of The Galaxy Movie

Drax the Destroyer best quotes

These Drax the Destroyer quotes are from The Guardians of The Galaxy Movie. There are so many Drax The Destroyer quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these Drax The Destroyer quotes exists just do that.

Drax is a previous intergalactic lawbreaker and an individual from the Guardians of the Galaxy. He looked for retribution on Ronan the Accuser for executing his better half and girl, and went out of control over the cosmic system, finishing with him being detained by the Nova Corps in the Kyln. There, Drax ended up becoming an uneasy partners with Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot.

Together they broke out of the Kyln and involved themselves in the Quest for the Orb. After the Battle of Xandar, in which he at long last demanded his retribution on Ronan, Drax left Xandar with different Guardians proclaimed Thanos as his next objective.

Following the Guardians, Drax helped with murdering the Abilisk for the Sovereign individuals, just for Rocket Raccoon to double-cross them. Drax pursued the Guardians as they experienced Ego, the departed dad of Star-Lord. En route, he built up a close bond with Mantis, who before long uncovered that Ego’s actual arrangement was to decimate and reconstruct the whole universe. Drax and his kindred Guardians crushed Ego, sparing the world yet again yet at the expense of Yondu Udonta’s altruism.

After four years, the Guardians of the Galaxy got together with Thor and the Avengers in attempting to prevent Thanos from getting the Infinity Stones. At the point when Thanos assembled the majority of the stones, he utilized them to annihilate a large portion of the universe’s populace, including Drax and the Guardians, with the exception of Rocket Raccoon and Nebula.

Five years after the Snap, the rest of the Avengers effectively assembled the Infinity Stones from various focuses before and Hulk fixed the impacts of Thanos’ activities, reestablishing Drax back to life. He at that point took an interest and endure the Battle of Earth, went to Tony Stark’s burial service, and rejoined the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Drax originates from a race of natives who are viewed as credulous and pitifully immature by the further developed galactic gatherings. Subsequently, Drax is incredibly uninformed of fundamental ideas, for example, illustrations and traditions. They are, furious and fit warrior race who pursue an inborn feature like culture.

During his childhood, Drax’s dad would recount to the narrative of the night he had impregnated Drax’s mom with him, something Drax found excellent. While going to a war rally with his kin, Drax met a lady named Ovette, going gaga for her because of her absence of satisfaction at the celebrations, and together had a girl named Kamaria.

We have dug up these Drax the Destroyer quotes from the depths of the internet and brought together best of these sayings in a single article. This post is probably the biggest database of Drax the Destroyer Sayings in a single place. These famous Drax the Destroyer quotes have the power to change your life by giving a novel outlook about the way you observe different aspects of your life. Hence, these popular Drax the Destroyer quotes should be read with caution and proper understanding of the context. Here are tons of Drax the Destroyer quotes that will open a treasure chest of Wisdom and experiences: –

“I like your knife, I’m keeping it.”

Drax the Destroyer saying

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“Why would I want to put my finger on his throat?”

Drax the Destroyer best quotes

“I would not slice his throat, I would cut his head clean off.”

Drax the Destroyer famous quotes

“Outta the way, dumber, smaller Groot!!”

Drax the Destroyer popular quotes

“What percentage of a plan do you have?”

Drax the Destroyer quotes

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“When you’re ugly and someone loves you, you know they love you for who you are. Beautiful people never know whom to trust.”

“There are two types of beings in the universe: Those, who dance and those, who do not.”


“I can barely see.”

“Where did you learn to do that?”

“I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you’ve accepted me despite my blunders. It is good to once again be among friends. You, Quill, are my friend.”

“This dumb tree is also my friend.”

“I just saved Quill!”

“When did we establish that?”

“Well I wasn’t listening then, I was thinking of something else…”

“DO NOT ever call me a thesaurus.”

“*Nothing* goes over my head…! My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it.”

“Finger on throat means death!”


“[lets Star-Lord into the Milano] This one shows spirit. He shall make a keen ally in the battle against Ronan. Companion, what were you retrieving?”

“You’re an imbecile.”

“I just saved Quill!”

“When did we establish that?”

“Well I wasn’t listening then, I was thinking about something else.”

“Creepy little beast!”

“This vermin speaks of affairs he knows nothing about!”

“He has no respect!”

“No one talks to my friends like that.”

“You’re right. I was a fool. All that anger. All that rage. It just covered my loss.”

“[to Gamora] Spare me your foul gaze woman!”

“This vermin speaks of affairs he knows nothing about!”

“He has no respect!”

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“Yes. Of course Ronan was only a puppet. It’s really Thanos that I need to kill.”

“I recognize this animal. We’d roast them over a flame pit as children. Their flesh was quite delicious.”

“You! Man who has lain with an Askervarian!”

“[getting drunk in a bar] Let us put more of this liquid into our bodies.”

“What if someone does something irksome and I decide to remove his spine?”


“Are you not the man this wench attempted to kill?”

“I almost laughed my nipples off when this scene happened. I wonder if it was in the script or improvised.”

“I want to say it was scripted, since he mentioned having sensitive nipples early in the movie.”

“Yes, but it could have been someone made that joke due to that line.”

“I’m coming for ur nipples, @UncannyMonkeyPaw.”

“Edberg, my nipples are asymmetrical!”

“*chord* Womble is a faggot”

“If one more person says Womble is a faggot I’ll have their ass!”

“No, I don’t mean your ARSE is mine I just mean-”

“That joke was hilarious, but there’s one fatal flaw… DRAX DOESN’T HAVE NIPPLES!”

“LOOK AT HIM! NOT A NIPPLE TO BE FOUND! Unless… are those red things nipples? guys, IS DRAX COVERED IN NIPPLES?”


“How would you know what an alien’s nipples look like?”

“He is not a dude. You’re a dude. This… this is a man. A handsome, muscular man.”

“It’s true. You have put on weight.”

“It’s like a pirate had a baby with an angel.”

“An hour.”

“I’ve mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still… that I become invisible to the eye… Watch.”

“My movement… is so slow… that it’s imperceptible.”

“[after a pause] Dammit.”

“Tell him about the dance-off to save the Universe.”

“[about Thor] It’s like a pirate had a baby with an angel.”

“[wrestling the Cloak of Levitation] Die, blanket of death!”


“I stopped listening after you said “We need a plan”

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“Yeah, that’s right.”

“Tell him about the dance off to save the universe.”

“What does this MONSTER have to MOURN?”

“I’ll do YOU one better: WHY is Gamora?”

“Do it, Quill! I can take it.”

“I stopped listening after you said we need a plan.”

“Kick names, take ass.”

“Drax : Yeah, that’s right.”

“Tell him about the dance-off to save the Universe.”

“What does this MONSTER have to mourn?”

“[yells] THANOS!”


“[wrestling with the Cloak of Levitation] Die, blanket of death!”

“I’ll do *you* one better. Why is Gamora?”

“Do it, Quill! I can take it.”

“He could destroy life on a scale hither to undreamt of.”

“What does this monster have to mourn?”

“The beast’s hide is too thick to be pierced from the outside. I must cut through it from the inside.”

“Probably because Rocket stole some of their batteries.”

“[awkwardly] Right… He didn’t steal some of those. I don’t know why they’re after us. What a mystery this is.”

“You don’t have to believe in yourself, because I believe in you.”

“[Looking at Batteries] What are they called again?”

“Out of the way, dumber smaller Groot!”

“[laughing] Yes! I have single-handedly vanquished the beast!”

“Screw you, spaceship!”

“Those pools, they remind me of a time when I took my daughter to the forgotten lakes of my home world. She was like you.”

“[to Quill] You just need to find a woman who is pathetic… like you.”

“I thought Yondu was your father.”

“You look exactly alike!”

“It hurts.”

“I have sensitive nipples.”

“I’m sorry… but I like a woman with some meat on her bones.”

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“I tried to let you down easily by telling you you were disgusting.”

“Ugh… I’m imagining… being with you physically”

“Hey! There’s no need to get personal.”

“You Remind me of my daughter”

“She is Innocent!”

“You’re right. We’re family. We leave no one behind.”

“Except maybe you.”

“I’m sorry. I can only afford to lose one friend today. KRAGLIN, GO!”

“[Kraglin starts engines. To Kraglin] Wait. Is Quill back?Rocket, where’s Quill? ROCKET, WHERE’S QUILL? ROCKET, WHERE’S QUILL?”


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